Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wild Things

In the middle of the city at a nearly dried up lake these water fowl were having a meet and greet on the edge of a shopping plaza parking lot.

Harley dog is in love with his new girlfriend.

Sadly, she barely gives him the time of day.  This has done nothing to stop his exuberant enthusiasm every time he sees her.  Whenever we go for a walk, he heads for her RV.

He tries to kiss her on the face and engage her in play but she just acts like he is invisible. It's heartbreakingly cute.

The wildlife always finds us. We don't feed them or pet them or house them but somehow they always end up on our lot.

This tortoise is more than triple the size of Harley dog, but that didn't stop him from setting up the bark alarm.  As he ran towards it barking, the turtle went into his shell, making Harley take a huge backward leap that left other campers laughing at his antics.

I finally got him to quiet down long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

Incredibly, the turtle returned four times that day, crossing back and forth through our lot as if we had a turtle highway laid out here.


  1. We missed you on Tuesday. We stopped by & left a bag of goodies for Harley tied to a chair.
    Joe from Ohio pig snout mug person

  2. Oh my, poor Harley. Maybe he needs a 10gallon hat to impress her?


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