Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moving On

The porthole on my motorhome reminds me of my years at sea.
I am so surprised it's not faded out.

I find the strangest things while picking up litter along the lake shore.
This was covered in mud.
Seems like a Buddha with 4 arms and an elephant head.
If anyone knows anything about this, I am curious indeed.

Soon we say goodbye to our park and lake.
I've packed up the spare chairs already.
I figure that means I will have company soon and can unpack them again!
Harley dog is acting so sad to see me start to sort out the patio.
It's that time of year when old worn out stuff needs to head for the garbage bin.
This green patio rug looks terrific in this picture, but one inch pieces of woven plastic
are breaking off of it at an alarming rate.
I sweep up thousands of bits of plastic every few days as it sheds.
It's days are numbered, but it will probably travel with me a while longer.
It was a treasured gift from 2010.
It's been outdoors nearly every day for over 4 years in dozens of campgrounds, mostly camping on dirt, mud, sand, leaves, grass, gravel and conrete.
Amazing it has held up so well, so long.
I think the rough finished concrete here has hastened it's life, causing the woven plastic to break off (that and sunshine!).
Yet the picture makes it look outstanding.
Funny how that happens.
Below is the other patio mat in brown.
Two years ago I was in a campground when folks left with a used trailer and came back hours later with a new trailer. We were chatting about their new purchase, which they happily gave me a tour to show off. I was a tad envious. A brand new travel trailer, what fun!

They said their old patio mat looked shabby next to their new rig, so the next day they came home with a new identical one.

I offered to take their old rug to the dump for them, but of course I took it home. Now I had 2 patio mats, which pretty much covered the area under my awning. I felt spoiled rotten. What fun!

I actually managed to get two years of service out of their discarded patio mat but now it's falling apart and parts of it have loose weaving that make it a hazard for tripping over.

Yesterday it went to the dump.
The formatting on this post has me baffled, please excuse the mess. Life is goof.

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  1. Good morning!! Do you have another workamping job lined up? I would love to do what you do..maybe someday.

  2. I'm pretty sure the elephant Buddha is a Hindu diety called Ganesh. Coincidentally the day to honor Ganesh was just a couple of days ago.


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