Monday, September 01, 2014

On The Road Again

Technology is melting down in so many ways.

I was hoping it would be a tad more helpful in 2014. But it's getting worse, not better.

Soon as I typed the above sentence, my internet crashed. I kid you not!

Yesterday a friend of mine complained over the phone to me how rotten phone service had become and that the government and every business seems to be tracking every step of our lives... but before she could finish her sentence, we were disconnected.

For real! Phone went dead. No idea if it was my phone or hers, but our phone call was dropped.

When we finally connected our phones again, both of us were laughing so hard. It was as if someone was eavesdropping on our conversation, didn't like what we had to say, so they disconnected us. The thought of that began creeping us out... is someone listening in on our conversation?

We decided to debate it another time and get off the phone.

Below is a screen shot picture of what just happened to my writing with a bright pink warning that I can neither save nor publish my post. In other words, their site is down or my internet crashed again or...

Technology is melting down again, while I try to write this post! INCREDIBLE!

More crazy technology...

My GPS has dyslexia. It takes me to the wrong side of the street time and time again. It will tell me the grocery store or campground is on the left and I get there to find out it is on the right. Sometimes my GPS purposely sends me around in a big circle or around the block, before getting me to my destination.
I've programmed it for NO U-turns, but guess what, it assigns me U-turns anyhow.

U-turning 31 feet of motorhome is no fun! My motorhome is only 28 feet long with another 3 feet stuck out back for the bicycle tied down to my homemade rack and the storage bin strapped to the cargo carrier attached to the tow hitch.

Anyhow, I better hurry up and tell you (before something else breaks) I am going on the road again soon.

I might have internet and phone when I get there, I might not. Not sure where I am going, I will probably know when I get there. The best laid plans often go astray. My plans are solidly confused.

I've checked the coverage maps and campground website which both say I probably will, but in traveling in the past, I've found out the maps can sometimes be wrong. So if I don't post here the next few days, you can figure, some form of technology has melted down again, preventing me from writing and posting here (or there).

If you're confused, welcome to my world!

Life is goof.

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  1. If you get a chance check in on the forum...there is a lady over there trying to get a hold of you about your roof...she is having problems...she sent you a pm from the forum...I told her about your repair...and she is interested in learning more...her screen name is dayspring..1G

  2. Drive careful and be safe. Those gps things are crazy, lol.

  3. Thanks for all your comments, I will catch up with emails and such soon, technology permitting and the creek doesn't rise...


Life is goof!