Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ruffing It With Harley

The patio area was rough erratic gravel. Harley wanted his patio mat, so I put that out. He gleefully decorated it with some of his toys. He decided to nap while I fetched the rest of his camping gear.

Harley says home is where we bark it and would I stop snapping pics and get out his things.

Harley wasn't content with just a water bowl, a play mat and some toys. I had to get out his red carpet and umbrella for him then plug in the electric wind machine. When I sat down to rest, he wanted to be cuddled and rocked.

Harley claims he really isn't spoiled, he just doesn't want to ruff it.

He pawsitively loves hiking up and down the hills and over to the lake and back.

He drags me over to look at the wildflowers in the woods when we hike down and back to deposit the garbage.

The Blue Ridge mountains and Lake Jocassee at dusk.

While I was reading the sign, Harley was busy with doggy p-mail on the sign post.

Lucky dog.

Earth's Biggest Selection

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