Friday, September 26, 2014

Life of Harley

I live off a minuscule budget. I don't mind, but it takes a lot of planning and patience. Providing for one silly dog is a piece of work too especially when he requires sweaters and jackets.

Pet stores and mail order outfits typically want $20-$35 for a little doggy sweater or jacket. Good grief. I love my baby but he needs cheaper tastes to stay warm.

Now and then we cruise Big Lots for bargains. They have lots of pricey stuff, but other things show up in odd lots such as last year's designs or models and the price is substantially lower. In this case they had a tiny selection of sweaters in his doggy size for $6-$8. Still kind of pricey, but baby has to stay warm. I try to pick out the least goofy ones. Harley is quite the monkey "as is" he doesn't need silly outerwear too.

Let's see, women's clothing promises to make you look thinner, men's clothing to make one look taller and doggy clothing, well perhaps this makes him look longer.

Harley buys his dog food from Amazon at about half the cost of the grocery stores. He loves that UPS truck driver!
Earth's Biggest Selection

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  1. That is really no a spoiled dog. But he/she is very cute. Let it be in your bed get some theraputic bed for you.


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