Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cherokee Foothills

It will be a miracle if I ever get to post this. The internet crashes every few minutes.

A circuitous circus route.

south carolina cherokee foothills scenic highway

My route took me rolling across the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway 11 in South Carolina. This route is a true delight that tugs at my heart strings with its awe inspiring beauty. Anytime I can find an excuse to drive all or part of this road, I do. Incredibly it was nearly empty, as if it had been reserved for my sole pleasure. It was delightful for my soul too!

In the photo below, Table Rock is sticking up in the background with a state park located there by the same name. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers and lakes are home to this area.
table rock state park south carolina campground

At Glassy Mountain I stopped to photograph this Baptist Church built of stone. The custodian came rushing out to see if I had broken down. We chatted for a few minutes, he was a young fellow with flaming red hair. He was finishing up his work so he could make it to his other job on time, driving a special needs school bus in another county.

In the photo below is Glassy Mountain, as seen from the parking lot of the Baptist Church. That roof to the right is not a home, but the Glassy Mountain Chapel, a nondenominational house of worship. When water runs down the rock, the glistening in the sun makes it look glassy.

Finally we made it to our next campground after a stop for a ratchet wrench to repair the cantankerous side mirrors. My ratchet vanished a few months ago along with some other tools. I try to take very good care of my tools and keep them locked up most of the time. Perhaps somebody thought they needed them more than I did.

Now I find out the mirror bolt is metric, so I need to go buy a metric socket that is slightly smaller than 11/16th of an inch. Good grief. I have no idea why they outfitted my motorhome with these worrisome mirrors. They are manual mirrors. I have to park, then hang half my body out the window to adjust the driver's side. The passenger side mirror is an exercise in frustration. I have to get out of the wheel estate, then run back and forth from my driver's seat to the other side of the motorhome and back again, until I get the mirror angled right.

For some reason, both mirrors have become real floppy. Whenever I open and close my driver's door, the mirror re-adjusts itself. Sometimes going down the highway, the mirror suddenly shifts to a bad angle. This is a huge problem on multi-lane roads. I found the secret hidden compartment on the top and bottom of the mirror that hides a metric nut and bolt that I hope to tighten up one of these days. It's designed in such a way to make it nearly impossible to service. I thought I had tightened up the nut correctly in the parking lot where I bought the ratchet. But I found out later, the bolt was just spinning around while I thought I was tightening the nut.

This nut is clueless and useless some days.

At the new campground, one I've never visited before, we had a super easy pull-through spot that was level and nice except the new gravel they outfitted it with recently was huge, loose and rough, bigger than golf balls. I kept tripping over the big lumps. The wooded area on the other side of the motorhome dropped off severely with overgrowth that dwarfed the dog, so it wasn't really accessible. We went for a long walk around the park then collapsed in bed. I was exhausted and covered in sweat. It poured down rain all night long.

The next morning I discovered two open campsites, Harley chose the one with a big soft play area, so we moved. No sooner had we begun to set up in the new site when it poured down rain again.

It's all my fault. I washed my Croc shoes so they looked new again. That was the signal for the heavens to open up and drain that big bathtub in the sky. Now my cleaned shoes are covered in muck.

Between showers, we walked to the dump with our garbage. I snapped these brilliant flowers along the way. Harley gets super excited when I tie a knot in the grocery bag garbage. He jumps for joy at the door, knowing that we must be getting ready to go for another walk. Yippee doodle do-do!

Harley found some "salad" to eat. He likes to munch on certain plants. He doesn't throw up, just chows down like it's nature's salad bar.

Earth's Biggest Selection

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