Monday, September 08, 2014

Patch and Repurpose

Falling apart...
This is the good outdoor patio mat I kept. It's falling apart, but it's better than nothing. I can squeak some more use out of it.

Below is the bad mat I threw out recently. It had become a tripping hazard.

There is a tiny door on the outside of my motorhome that has a tiny sign "Sewer Hose". It's all wrong for storing a sewer hose. Matter of fact, in 20 years, it looks like that storage area has never been used once. It is pristine new and clean. I travel with some PVC and broom poles. I use the poles for various temporary projects. I thought maybe I could store them in the sewer hose compartment. But when I opened the latch, it exploded. I only found these 3 pieces which wasn't enough to put it back together again. So I have to tape that door closed now until I figure something out, like buy a new latch. Easier said than done.

As if I didn't have enough falling apart on my motorhome, workmen showed up to repair my water connection. However, another emergency took them away, so they left my water dug up like this.

Last year I had to buy a new overhead air conditioner. I chose a heat pump so I could have electric heat as an option. But the ceiling unit is already falling apart and it's less than a year old. I am hoping to get it repaired under warranty. The door that hides the filter fell apart in bits and pieces. So I have to cut a big filter then jam it in. The only way to put the door back up is with duct tape. Rather ugly to do it that way.

This chair was given to me used. I had fun with it for a few years, then it began ripping. I stuffed an old pillow in it. Harley dog used it as his personal outdoor lair until I finally tossed the chair and pillow in the garbage.
I am always looking to repurpose "parts". I removed all the bungee cord from the chair.

I also removed a good section of the canvas from the chair to repurpose as an outdoor cloth to use on the grill as a table.

I had been using assorted bungee cords hooked together to run around my folding card table so the tablecloth wouldn't fly away. I took the old bungee cord from the chair, measured it out, then tied it into a continuous loop, so that now I can just pop it on over the table cloth and it will stay in place. The bungee cords with hooks I was using, can be repurposed elsewhere.

My friend laid out some eternabond roof tape on about half my roof. I hope one day to get the other half done. I am super pleased so far.

This shows the roof in stages. The dirty part is the original rubber roofing that is quite dirty. On the far right is a few strips of the new eternabond tape. The middle white area is a section of roof cleaned up with bleach. I had the roof coated in 2010. The RV place that coated it claimed they put 5 coats of rubber paint on plus 2 coats of primer. But I think they put only 1 or 2 coats total. Either way, I've had nothing but trouble with their work. I went back to them for warranty work, but that ended in an expensive disaster. I don't and won't use that repair place anymore.

I didn't know about eternabond roof tape at the time or that you can coat a whole roof in eternabond tape. It's much better than painting the roof. RV repair folks don't want owners to know this. I am 100% pleased with Eternabond roof tape and while the price is a bit spendy, I would never accept any substitute. It works out to about $3.50 a square foot to resurface a roof.

Learn more about eternabond roof tape here. 

Well, I can't write more today. My driver's rear view mirror fell apart, I have to go see about fixing that before I can drive again. I am so behind in everything that needs repairing.

I suppose I will extend my stay a few more days before traveling again. My site has 3 more nights open, then the park is sold out and I have to leave.

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