Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It's been wet and wild here. Loads of rains, but I don't mind. Devils Fork State Park is one busy place on the weekends. During the week, it's pretty quiet.

And wet.

I am so sorry I set up an outside patio. I think I enjoyed it for about an hour before the rains set in. Every day or every night it rained. I had company visit on two different days. One day we got soaked and had to move indoors. The next time they came to visit, everything was still soaking wet from the rains, but the wet stuff stopped long enough for us to enjoy the outdoors some.

Harley and I have been getting a serious up and down hill workout just trying to hand carry the garbage out from the campground to the dumpster. Phew! If we don't carry it every day then it gets heavier and bigger. Much easier to torture ourselves daily with a small bag.

Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina on Lake Jocassee
 Kayaks waiting for the busy weekend.

Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina on Lake Jocassee

Too many signs! Any idea what this sign is for? It's stuck in the ground but it sure mars an otherwise fabulous photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina on Lake Jocassee
Lake Jocassee

Hard to believe this lake was built during my lifetime and now I am communing with nature here.

Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina on Lake Jocassee
Devil's Fork State Park, South Carolina

The campground is wooded with narrow twisty one lane roads that are steep. I wouldn't have thought that the big rigs would love this place, but today I watched a band of gypsies arrive. First a diesel pickup truck was chugging up the hill with a humongous fifth wheel in tow, followed by another pickup truck with their massive fifth wheel hitched up, then close behind that was a third pickup truck towing a large motor boat. Each truck was crammed with adults, dogs and kids. Not sure why they were following so closely, but when the first truck slammed on brakes, there was quite the commotion as everyone behind him tried to stop on the steep hill.

After some honking and hollering, two of the drivers had to reverse down the steep hill somewhat as the lead guy had overshot the narrow turn with his lavish fifth wheel. Harley and I had just started our walk. We wanted to be nosy and watch the commotion but then again, we didn't want to be in the line of fire either should anyone lose control of their equipment. So we turned around to go walk a different way.

At the restrooms in the campground, the entire group came to another halt as the drivers parked in the road, blocking it completely, then all ran for the bathrooms.

I guess coming up those steep hills and narrow turns had scared the you know what out of them.

Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina on Lake Jocassee
Whenever we are near this paved trail to the lake, Harley drags me with all his might to go down it. It is a lovely trail, just his size and we don't have to dodge cars and RV's. He stopped long enough for me to snap his pic, but he whipped his head around away from the camera. Notice how he has the leash pulled taut.

When we returned from our hike, the fifth wheel rigs had just settled into their spots. Everyone looked a bit grim and haggard, but at least now the hard work was over, they could set up camp and relax.

We have to leave our little rain forest soon.

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  1. grim and haggard. that is exactly how i would look if i was stuck in one of them or a big motorhome. in fact that is how they look driving down the highways here. indiana.

    i'm not picking on you here but your c is bigger than i care for. but way way better than the rolling mansions. minivan does it for me.

    have a good voyage. how did the roof turn out?

    ice cream raz the rooobbboooottt


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