Sunday, September 21, 2014

View From The Rocking Chair

Lake Greenwood State Park is popular for campers and boaters. The weekend brought in a huge crowd. I was super lucky to get such a fabulous spot for a few days. Here I've put out all the shade in anticipation of company.

Friends from my old hometown drove down for the day. They brought food for the grill and I made some side dishes. It was such a lovely day for the lake, we waded into it. Shame we had nothing to float around on, it would have been fun. Harley doesn't much care for swimming unless it's 100F degrees, so I waded around carrying him in my arms.

I had some floating pool noodles I bought at Dollar Tree for $1, but recently I had cut them up as chafing gear for my rear RV ladder. I noticed it was getting scratched up from the gear I hang off it when I travel.

Just another one of my quirky projects, but for $2 is saves wear and tear when I go bouncing down the highway.

Today I had to move to another spot because my site had previous reservations. I went from campground #1 to campground #2, which is a newer section on Lake Greenwood.

While the new site is really tiny, it's practically on the water, even closer to the lake's edge than the last site. I forgot to take pics of the rig parked on it, but here's the fantastic view near sunset from the rocking chair.

I was dead tired when I moved the rig to the new spot. The neighbors were watching me park, level and plug in the electricity. The water could wait since I had some in the tanks. I covered the picnic table with a table cloth then fortified it with bungee cords because the winds were strong. I pulled out the rocking chair, sat down and savored the view with a sleepy doggy in my lap.

Life is goof.

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Life is goof!