Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Arrived With Arctic Winds

Harley was thrilled to put on his new sweater. We found it at Big Lots at a bargain price. (We also found $20 outdoor lights reduced to $2.) It was 89F degrees the day I bought the sweater and lights. He was so excited he wanted to put it on right then and there. But mean old human wouldn't allow such foolishness. Poor doggy had to wait for the temps to fall below 70F.

Recently I had to sort out his clothing. Some was wore out ragged, some was in great shape but too small and the remainder is fit for another season of hard puppy wear and play.

Harley shakes and shivers around 72F degrees, but I typically wait until it's below 70F to put his sweaters on. At the sight of his little basket of outerwear coming out of the cabinet, he dances and jumps for joy. Silly dog! He LOVES getting dressed. Then he struts around like he is King of the Campground. As it gets cooler he adds a jacket to the sweater. If it's really cold he wears a Tshirt under the sweater. Good grief. A dog that dresses in layers. What next?

Recently at Camp Croft he gave away some of his sweaters and jackets that he had outgrown. I saved the ones still in good shape even though he couldn't wear them anymore, I wasn't sure where to donate them. Recently he met a cute little girlfriend who was only 4 pounds. She fit into his old small stuff perfectly. It was a cool day when she tried them on and she was smitten to model them, much to the delight of her owner. Harley was romping around with her, a bit bemused that she was wearing his stuff.

Sadly I didn't have my camera with me at the time, to catch her picture. But below is silly Harley in his new sweater. He looks so pleased with himself. I tried to neaten up his fur for the picture, but nothing much improves his looks. He is just a goofy dog!

The cold winds just rolled off the lake today. I had trouble warming up my human body. We had to do a lot of resting anyhow. Part of getting well I guess. While napping I urge my body to heal, heal, heal.

We did manage a few short brisk walks. Tomorrow, we will pile on more clothes and jackets to do some longer walks.

Walking is good for healing too.

My internet and phone are both super cantankerous, so I am way behind on voice mail and email, but will work on that soon. It seems I have to wait until late at night to post this. Sometimes the internet crashes 10 times while I type. Grrrrr...

"Ya not getting this off of me until spring!"

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