Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lake Greenwood

Any day I wake up alive, it's going to be a fantastic start. I have so much to be thankful for.

Sunset was awesome too. Then the winds went from zero to fifty miles an hour. I thought I had been blown into a hurricane. A massive tree branch came crashing down between my lot and the next one. It sounded like a tree exploding!

This park is popular and busy, but I snagged a spot on the lake shore, something I never dreamed was possible, given the fact I've been so disorganized and tired this trip. It seemed every park we wanted to get into had openings, as long as we didn't want to stay during a weekend, well I have to live somewhere on the weekends too.

Many folks keep suggesting I go park at Walmart and camp out. I am sure they mean well, but I pretty much boycott their store (too expensive) and frankly, I can't see the thrill of living in a parking lot, if I can possibly squeeze into a basic campground somewhere. I would be too embarrassed to live at Walmart if I wasn't spending money with them. I know many RV-ers camp at Walmart parking lots, but most of them have massive battery banks and big power inverters, so having electricity is easier for them.

In many cases I can find a campground cheaper than running my generator for electricity. My RV is small with only a tiny "house" battery which means it drains pretty quickly. Now I am having a 12 volt problem I can't figure out. Grrrr... More on that later.

I spent about 15 years of my life living without utilities and it was fun then, but now I prefer these small comforts whenever possible. I used to live in various anchorages (not marinas) on my sailboat in the Caribbean with just an old solar panel to catch some rays to recharge my 12 volt deep cycle batteries. I designed a rain catcher to fill my water tanks. I used a ship to shore radio to run my business. That was my only "utility" expense as I had to pay for phone calls coming in and out. I was miserly with both electricity and water, so I could live with the elements, off the grid. Those were some fun days that I treasure, so glad I did that before my body fell apart.

Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina
Sunset before the storm.

We are camping at Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina. It's so beautiful and lovely.

We carved out a new path yesterday, but the overgrowth became so bad, I had to pick up Harley dog and carry him through knee deep water about 100 yards, to complete our route. It was comical all around.

Life is goof.

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  1. Stunning picture! You and Harley must have been glowing beautiful in all of it!
    Helen in Northern CA


Life is goof!