Friday, September 19, 2014

Splish Splash

I just hate it when the whatchamacallit falls off the thingamajig and I need a whatsit to fix the doohickey with a  gizmo or maybe a widget will do if only I had realized that the doodad was kaput I wouldn't have to fix the whole schmeer thingamabob with gypsy jury-rigging and hillbilly engineering.

Enough about my repair woes and on to beautiful nature.

Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina
Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina with Tioga Montara Class C Motorhome RV
Backing up this old motorhome without a rear camera is hilarious indeed. In this case, I managed to stop just short of landing in the lake. *SPLASH*

The view from my bedroom is awesome. I raise the shades at daybreak, fetch coffee then crawl back in bed to enjoy the fabulous view of floating on the water. Harley dog rolls over to expose his tiny belly, beckoning for a rub while I pray the brakes are still holding up.
Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina
These ducks paddle around our site. When Harley's Frisbee landed in the lake, he barked the ducks away for fear they would commandeer his precious toy. I've had to wade out more than once to collect his wet toys. *Sigh*. The crazy things we do for our fur babies.
Lake Greenwood State Park in South Carolina
The day is done, but not forgotten.

Life is awesome.

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