Sunday, November 02, 2014

Fourty Fourty On The Coast

Oh let's play at the beach all day. I barely feel that 40F degree temperature. I am not at all c-c-c-cold. You didn't dress me warm enough, I need more than just a sweater and a coat. Please don't make me leave the b-b-b-beach. I love it here!

See? That gust of wind didn't knock me down. What's 40 mile an hour winds? I didn't feel a thing. Oh wait, something's wrong with my ear. Help! My ear blew away!

Back at the campsite...

WHAT do you mean we have to pack up and leave? Can't we live here forever?

One day we're barefoot on the beach, the next day, the weather broke records with 40F degree temperatures and winds of 40 miles per hour. Sleet was reported nearby!  Just the same, I had to take puppy dog for a walk and he naturally dragged me to the beach. Now it's time to pack up. The frigid temps, high winds, flying pine cones, falling tree branches and scattered storms are making this a difficult chore for gathering up the outside chairs, table, awning, bicycle, doggy toys and the usual mess. I have to run inside every 10 minutes or so to thaw back out and layer on more clothes. Finally ended up with 2 shirts, a sweater, a heavy jacket, snorts, long leggings and a pair of bluejeans over all that plus socks and shoes. I am frantically looking for a my boots. I am so heavily layered in clothes, I can barely move around, but at least my teeth stopped chattering.


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  1. i play outside. 365 in indiana. nobody said i was right. i wear rain suits or in an emergency i use big trash con liners. you know trash can chic. cut a hole in center and lop off corners.

    you will surprised how warn you will be with the wind removed. did i mention chic.

    ice cream raz


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