Monday, November 17, 2014

How Not To Be Mary Poppins In The Campground

Good for nothing or good for comedy. Take your pick!

I had my camp site all set up with awning, umbrella, chairs and doggy on a string. I spent the early morning sipping coffee while gently swaying back and forth in my rocking chair in the great outdoors. I was studying the tiny lake, making sure a flock of egrets didn't fly off with it. My feet were bare, my pants were short, the sunshine felt fantastic. I was super tired, but got up because I was alive and the sun was out. Time to rejoice!

Eventually I went inside to fix Harley's breakfast of delicious dog chow. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my umbrella which was bolted to the picnic table, take flight and crash land into my neighbor's Airstream trailer. I apologized profusely while rescuing it. I thought I was about to be Mary Poppins because the big umbrella wouldn't close and it was trying to fly away with me attached to it.

Meanwhile Harley dog had taken cover, hiding beneath the motorhome, looking a wee bit scared.

I fought the winds and the umbrella eventually getting it to close. Not a small feat since the umbrella is a dumpster dive damaged one, that has been cobbled back together for comical use (apparently). The center pole is bent (has been since I got it) but the crank works. When you get to the bend, you just push the umbrella up or down, depending on if you're opening or closing it, then resume cranking. Sounds much easier said, than done.

Well I had it cranked down to the bent section when a 50 mph gust of wind spread it open again trying to rip it out of my hands. Dang! Here I go... flying across the campground!

What a wild morning...

Finally got it under control, completely closed and bolted to the table with a whatchamacallit so next time it took flight, it would take the entire picnic table with it!

Back inside I was washing Harley's water bowl and topping up his food dish when the motorhome rocked from side to side and KER-BANG!

The awning was out, but it was tied down with straps to the picnic table. Never had a locking strap unlock before, but it did and now the awning was billowing above the motorhome threatening to rip right off. The brutal wind was causing my motorhome to shake from side to side!


I ran outside to grab the errant awning strut  but the winds were fighting with me, trying to rip it out of my hands. I needed to re-attach the strut to the side of the motorhome then try to furl the awning up.

But I was lacking a third arm. You know. The kind that is 15 feet long and reaches the other end of the awning.

I flailed around hollering "Help! Please! Help!" It seemed like any second the wind would rip the awning to shreds or take flight and now I would be dangling from my motorhome awning strut, flying away on a wild gust of wind.

I can see the headlines now "Woman Survives RV Flight Across Campground".

My neighbors in the Airstream next to me watched me from their open window, but no one came over to help. I was trying to reach the broken strap and lash the awing down long enough to put the pieces back together and close it up. I tried the "Help! Please! Help!" again but maybe they couldn't hear me over the high winds. Or maybe it was just sheer fun to watch this ridiculous scene unfold.

I saw a man at a different Airstream trailer 2 lots down the other direction and I waved frantically hollering "Please! Can you come help me? Please?" He gave a signal of "Wait" and walked out of view. He couldn't see the awning I was fighting because he was on the other side of my wheel estate about 100 feet away.

A few minutes later he came over and saw the awning and high winds were fighting to take me floating away on a cloud. I smiled and said "I've run out of arms!" He ran around helping me to get the monster under control. Nothing wanted to go together right, but we fussed with it, banged on it and muttered unkind things at it, four hands now instead of two. Eventually we got the frame untangled, put back together, re-attached to the motorhome then furled the whole mess up.


I thanked him over and over and over for coming to the rescue. Such a gallant gentleman.

Disaster averted again!

About an hour later my Airstream neighbor next to me pulled out, then the guy 2 lots down pulled away too.

Maybe they think I'm too dangerous to be around.

Comedy in the campground!

The high winds kept up all day, then the sky turned dark and a storm swirled around us.

I may end up in Oz before it's over with!

On a prettier day with no winds at all, I snapped this photo at Tomoka State Park in Florida.


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