Monday, November 24, 2014

Rope Burn

Another great day in paradise. We are camped a mile from a dog park, an off-leash park where Harley can cavort with his mates and run his little legs off as well as do copious amounts of pee-mail. 

Let's drive to the dog park!

At the campsite he has a very long tether with a spacious grassy play area. One day he tangled me up in his tether while running full speed ahead to remind the armadillo that he was encroaching on our space. 

My leg was caught up in the rope causing a severe rope burn that tore ito my skin. 

Bad doggy! 

Harley blames the armadillo. 

I am having to doctor up my leg daily and wear a big bandage while it heals. 

Yucky poo. 


Using this link (above) helps a mermaid and her (BAD!) doggy
And we Thank You oh so much!

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