Thursday, November 20, 2014


Thursday already?

Between the bitter cold, the stormy weather, patching up my body and RV, time just flies! Today we almost have sunshine again with temps above 60F. YAY!

I was beginning to think I made a wrong turn and wasn't really in Florida, but merely thought I was. The GPS is "stuck" in Richmond Hills, Georgia. It refuses to believe we are anywhere else. Harley dog has been giving me directions while I drive, so it's a wonder we turn up anywhere but dog parks. 

Our new camp site came with a resident armadillo. 
Harley dog has worked hard to relocate him.

Home Sweet Home!
We are thrilled to have grass under our feet and wheels again.
I much prefer good old grass rather than pavement..
A certan puppy dog is fond of grass too.


Using this link (above) helps a mermaid and her doggy
And we Thank You oh so much!


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  1. turn gps off. remove all power. batteries, power cords and whatnot. wait until tomorrow. re power. 10 minutes is usually enough. all night always is.

    hey we found "old bay seasoning". that stuff my favrite now. thank you. the stores here don't carry it. we found it at recycle store. (scratch and dent). way cheaper that way. we will have order it online. thank you.

    ice cream raz


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