Thursday, November 06, 2014

Waylaid in Georgia

The truck wash where we had the wheel estate pressured washed on Tuesday morning is only 30 miles from the Florida border. Doggy and I never made it into Florida despite having plans to rendezvous with friends south of the border on Wednesday.

Sometimes the best laid plans go astray when least expected.

Due to medical complications I decided to find a campground Tuesday with plans to travel on Wednesday. But now it's Thursday and it looks like we are going to be in a holding pattern a few more days.

I am patching up the body and soul while Harley dog is being phenomenally patient.

Soon we have to make a move or suffer stiff financial consequences as I have some reservations that can't be refunded. Well they could, but the powers to be have punitive rules about that and most folks these days don't and won't deviate from rules they perceive as carved in granite.

The RV has some new old problems, some I already paid to have fixed (grrrrrrrrrr!) so that is pretty darn annoying, but nothing I can do about it now. Taking care of me and doggy comes first, the RV third.

Monday night I had an outside cover on my light above the entry door. Tuesday night noticed it was gone. No idea what happened. I am thinking it took flight down the highway to parts unknown. Someone could have "shopped" for it Monday night at the truck stop, but I kind of doubt that. I think it just flew away on a whim. The pressure wash guys are usually pretty good at returning anything that falls off while they are cleaning. Like the outside thermometer came off while they were washing. One of the washers promptly banged on the driver's window with a sheepish grin and handed me the thermometer. It still works fine. I just need to stick it back to the window.

Awhile back some things vanished from my RV and campsite. I am still scratching my head about that. Campgrounds tend to be 99% safe so no idea if (A) someone "liked" my crummy stuff (B) things blew far far away on a rogue gust of wind or (C) aliens stole it for their spaceship. (I am leaning towards C.)

I try to keep things locked up but I tend to scatter my old stuff around a campsite too (living outdoors) and never had an issue before. Mostly my equipment disappearances I can attribute to my own human error like the water pressure regulator I "donated" to a campground on the Great Lakes. Ditto for my laundry and supplies that were left behind at a workamping gig. Another Y-valve on the water spigot was left behind in a camp and so on. I am getting better now at checking and rechecking when I pack to move.

Harley has sometimes left behind toys and we've never figured out what happened to his big stuffed turtle he loved. One day it was here, next it was gone. Looked everywhere for it. He was so sad. Usually I check around and underneath the RV for his toys since that time in Ohio years back.

Harley was just a young puppy then. I had the RV's entry door wide open. It was a beautiful day. Harley was on a tether rolling around in the grass with his toys. I stepped inside briefly to check on some cooking I was doing, but the door was still wide open so I could monitor my happy puppy. Some kids in the campground came through our lot teasing my puppy and taking all his toys away to play with for themselves. Harley was upset, straining at the end of his short tether crying for his toys. I came running out annoyed and confused, new to camping and unsure what to say to these unruly kids who thought upsetting me and the little puppy was funny. I snatched up my doggy, standing there debating what to say or do about the kids wandering off with all of Harley's toys. Luckily their parents showed up, yelling at them to leave me and the dog alone. The parents made them return the toys, but strangely no one apologized. I guess times are changing and I am the last to know.

Harley and I played with the toys and he was a happy canine again. All seemed better.

The next day I noticed all of Harley's outside toys had vanished. I had no idea what had happened. Harley didn't seem upset with this new development either. I just figured maybe it was time to find a new campground. 

A few days later, I pulled out of the spot to travel. When I stuffed Harley in his travel seat, he was fussy and I had no idea why he was whining looking out the window forlornly. I figured he was upset that we were leaving. Once I finished packing up, I had to make a tight super slow turn to keep from hitting trees and a truck parked in the road with no driver around. (Aliens probably took the driver to their spaceship.) I got out of the RV to double check that the trees weren't moving and that I could clear the abandoned pickup when I saw all of Harley's missing toys.

He had apparently stacked them up in a little pyramid under the wheel estate, right in the center of where the RV had been parked. The campground had such tall overgrown grass I couldn't really see the hidden toys under the RV until I moved. I was laughing so hard as I went to fetch his toys. I guess he had "hid" them from the children and that is why (A) when they went "missing" he wasn't upset because he knew right where they were and (B) I hadn't given him a chance to reclaim his toys, when I stuffed him in his seat to travel. As I walked back to the RV with an armful of toys, he was at the window jumping up and down with his tail doing frantic circles around his rear end. I was treated to lots of sloppy puppy kisses when I opened the door then he sniffed and touched each toy with his nose as if counting them one by one to make sure I got them all.

This doggy always confuses me. He is so super smart in some ways and seemingly goofy in other ways. I call it his selective learning disorder.

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  1. Harley-boy is so cute :)
    Please send my warmest wishes to him! And to you too!


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