Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome to Florida! Enjoy our cold/rains/clouds/storms and occasional sunshine!

Life is goof. Weather is here. It's all good. 

It's hard for me to get used to the USA custom of starting Christmas after Labor Day in September, but maybe one of these days I will figure it out. 

Last night seemed surreal to drive through the spectacular Christmas Lightfest at Wickham Park in Melbourne. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but the light show is up and running already. A friend drove Harley around to see the lights, and I of course got to go along for the ride. 

By day the Christmas light props look like random metal grids with darkened lights attached and a myriad of wires running every which way. But at night they come to life in a rainbow of colors with sequenced lights unfolding various scenes both religious and fanciful. 

Harley dog was so confused. It was dark. He could smell the dog park, but the flashing lights bewildered him. Where did all the doggies go?

I didn't try to photograph the light show, maybe another night I will try that. Many of the displays are along the shores of the lakes, leaving mirrored images dancing on the waters. 

It was like a dream of darkness and brilliant colors from leaping porpoises across the road to a welcoming arch to nowhere. At one optional turn young Boy Scouts encouraged us to turn in to queue up for our photo with Santa. Harley dog said he wanted to ask Santa for a sand box as big as the beach at Hunting Island. 

Today the skies are gray, the temperatures are barefoot perfect, but sunshine has not made a appearance. Undaunted, plenty of campers have moved in for the weekend. 


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  1. i'm not a christian. i ain't anything else either. i like the lights. i'm almost deaf so if i leave the windows up (that's not hard in indiana), i don't hear the crappy music.

    why do most of them have $50000. on light set ups and $50. on boom box sound system?

    ice cream raz


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