Monday, June 29, 2015

Angels, Birthdays and Bathrooms

Several angels went out of their way to make my birthday wonderful with surprise gifts in April. These were gifts that I could spend any which way I chose. At first I did nothing. 

I wanted to study my options and waste it wisely...

So of course, I ended up using my birthday money to fix up my little old motorhome and buy a few things it needed. 

Thank you my dear sweet wonderful angels!

One of things that was repaired, replaced, upgraded was the broken shower door. My motorhome has a split bathroom. That means the hallway runs through the middle of the bathroom. On one side is the shower stall with a door, on the other side is a broom closet, where I keep the toilet and sink. 

The toilet/sink area has a door that keeps it private. When that door is opened, it clicks into place blocking the hallway while converting the bathroom to a full sized bath that spans the width of the motorhome. There is another accordion door (not shown) that also crosses the hallway, to block the bathroom off from the bedroom area.

My shower door came from Amazon. It was designed to fit regular houses or motorhomes. It comes in a tall shower stall size or a shorter tub size. The width can be easily customized. My shower is a non standard size, so being able to shorten the top and bottom frame of the shower door was of course necessary and fairly easy. The door is vinyl and fits so well that nary a drop spills out of the shower. It's a huge improvement over the old grody cantankerous broken door. 

Also, because my motorhome is small, the shower stall when not in use as a shower, doubles as a closet hiding things like the pile of dirty laundry or in other cases, laundry that is air drying after being washed in my compact washing machine. 

tioga montara motorhome class c

 My bathroom door has builtin towel holders. I love this method! Matter of fact, one thing lead to another and I decided to repurpose my old rags as rags. Oops I mean my old towels as rags. These are my new towels. I bought bath sheets, hand towels and plain white fluffy wash cloths. I really have no need for a regular sized towel. I sometimes shower outside in my alternative shower stall, weather and campground dependent. In that case it's super nice to have a jumbo towel sheet to wrap up neck to knee. These towels are huge and super soft, I feel oh so spoiled. 

I use the top towel rack to hold my hair accouterments and a whimsical mermaid that was given to me a few birthdays back. Harley's silly picture was stuck up there one day, and well, it's just always been there I guess. 

Inside above the sink is a handpainted mermaid given to me in the islands and some other decor plus a wooden fish box that has traveled with me a few decades. Hidden velcro keeps it in place. The basket of hair brushes and lint roller is kept in place with a hook. An angel from a Christmas card a few years back keeps watch over all. 
tioga motorhome class c montara

I am so lucky my motorhome came with a window in the bathroom. I used static cling window film to make it look like stained glass. The sunshine lights this up brilliantly while affording privacy without shades or curtains. Static cling window film is cut to size with scissors and sold here

Besides hanging up my broom, I also hang some hats in the broom closet. The round mirror was bought on sale awhile back. It used to be in my bedroom, but I hung up a folding shelf table, so the mirror had to move. I like it in the broom closet, makes the sunshine from the overhead opening hatch bounce around the tiny room. 

My extra hand towels are furled up in the basket on the wall. I am always finding ways to use baskets as extra storage. 

Below is my outdoor shower. The motorhome has an outside cabinet with hot and cold water plus a handheld shower. The camouflaged stall is a popup contraption with optional windows and a zippered door. The windows have a little rollup curtain inside, if one wishes to shower with a view. The shower stall folds up to a tiny circle about an inch thick and two feet diameter. It slips into a bag like a jumbo pizza. 

I have had this shower stall for years. At the time I bought it (click here) I wanted the plain green one, but the camouflaged one was heavily discounted, so I went with that for economy. I use it mostly in the spring, summer and fall in campgrounds. It's rather handy and a bit roomier than my inside shower. 

I guess you could say I have a  motorhome with a bath and a path...

I've included links on most of the products mentioned. In some browsers they are underlined, in others they are not. I am confused why this happens, but such is life. 

camping outdoor shower


  1. i'm confused a lot to. if it works, great.

    frozen custard. raz

  2. Nice job sometimes the littlest things can bring such renawel and new life


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