Friday, June 12, 2015

Ospreys, Fun and Foolishness

I am fascinated with photographing ancient towering trees. When I looked closer at this photograph, I realized way up there hiding up in the lofty tree was an osprey guarding this huge stick nest. 

All this bicycling and dog walking should make one fit enough to climb a tree to photograph a raptor... right?


I managed to get a few great pics in spite of my modest amateur camera.

Speaking of unique sights in small towns...

An athletic male bicyclist on a sleek recumbent bike was seen peddling along country roads while carrying a quad walking cane as curious cargo. Joggers dropped their jaws, car slowed down extra slow. Isn't a walking cane and a bicycle quite the oxymoron in motion?

So what do these two stories have in common?

Not much...

But I am recuperating from a minor accident. The quad walking cane was delivered by bicycle to my campsite so I can hobble around in dignity... a polite term for being mobile enough to hobble to the broom closet where I keep a bathroom stashed. 

The rest of my day/night is spent with my leg propped up or iced down. Dog walking duties have been farmed out while I figure out this temporary lifestyle. 

But I am going to be fine, I just know it. And I didn't really climb a tree... notice I never said I climbed a tree ( read carefully!) but it's a far better story than what really happened. 

Kind of like the shark bite that wrecked my knee or the busted leg from skydiving. Those other times when I used walkers, cranes, canes to get around. 

Assorted quad walking canes (click for more info) are available from Amazon with one and two day shipping options.

I am lucky and very grateful and thankful that my eccentric friend chose to go buy one miles away at a pricey drug store by bicycle. (I say pricey because I noticed that Amazon has the price beat by 20% plus free two-day delivery for Prime Members. 

Any which way you look at it, having an angel fetch and deliver a quad walking cane in an hour by bicycle... PRICELESS!

Life is goof. 



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  1. i wondered where my osprey went. can i have it back when you are done. about the leg i probably don't want to know.

    sherbet. raz


Life is goof!