Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Fix A Motorhome (and Other Insomnia Cures)

How to fix, repair and maintain a motorhome.

First choose a method:

Solution A:
Let the dealer fix it. Sit back. Prop up feet. Hand over wallet. Hand over credit cards. Take out another mortgage. Take up a new hobby (you'll be too broke to travel anywhere.)

Solution B:
Buy an old used motorhome. Fix it up yourself. Learn a new colorful language that makes the  neighbors a half mile away blush. Liberally pour blood, sweat and tears into projects. Spend your spare moments nursing wounds while chasing down esoteric parts. Acquire new tools for every repair tackled. Open up wallet, empty it out (buying more tools). Sit back, prop up injuries. Read manuals and how-not-to books.

Solution C
Have a friend do it all for you. (Note: You may need to constantly acquire new friends.)

The old entry rug was slipping around. I bought a new one for safety's sake. My doggy thinks it's a new yoga mat.

Not sure WHAT this is, but every time I set up camp, there IT is.

Camping with music.
My traveling friend is a retired musician.
It occurred to me recently that I've only heard him perform in 3 different countries and countless Caribbean islands.
Life is goof.

Today's RV Cleaning Tip:

I am a lazy person who loves a clean home. Cleaning and organizing is supreme Feng Shui. So while I dislike the chore, the end result is very satisfying and uniquely calming on the inner psyche. (More about Feng Shui, click here.)

I've found a super easy way to clean the 14 windows in my motorhome both inside and out. This effectively removes all doggy juice and cobwebs. It seems when my pooch barks inside near a window, spittle flies out from his tiny mouth... hence the doggy juice. I am trying to keep him quiet (to keep the windows clean!)

For sparkling windows, you basically need to start with at least two Zwipes. One wet one for cleaning and a dry one (you guessed it!) for drying.

Here we go! Four easy steps. Well, not easy, but relatively painless for those of us less enthused about cleaning.

First you need a stack of Zwipes Microfiber cleaning cloths (Amazon has the good ones cheap.) I love these cleaning cloths because they seriously trap dirt, can be used wet or dry and they are reusable hundreds (maybe thousands) of times. Note: Wash these in a group by themselves in the washing machine, do not use softener or bleach, do not use in dryer, just hang dry. They will be clean, ready for the next (nasty) project.

Second, fill a large bowl or small bucket with about a cup of plain white vinegar and a teeny tiny drop of dish soap (I use Dawn blue). The soap helps make the cleaning go smoother, like a lubricant.

Third, soak a clean Zwipe in the vinegar cleaning solution, but squeeze out nearly dry.

Fourth, clean window and frame with the wet Zwipe, then wipe it dry with a second clean dry Zwipe. If the first wet Zwipe is dirty, then rinse until clean in the sink (cold or warm water) squeeze dry, resoak in cleaning solution, squeeze nearly dry, now clean, clean, clean some more. Tip: Put on sunglasses, because your windows will be so clean you will be blinded by the light!

This method actually cleans 95% of the motorhome both inside and out. The other 5% is that nasty gunk that might require more help. Vinegar removes stains from toilets too. If you have leftover cleaning solution, just use it to swab the toilet bowl (with a toilet brush silly!)

Vinegar doesn't harm the skin (it actually helps soften it.) Vinegar cleans mold, mildew and actually sterilizes. I use this same cleaning solution on my vinyl floors, mirrors, woodwork, chopping boards, sinks, toilet and so on.

I bought one of those Downy ball automatic softener dispensers. I use it in my compact washing machine, but I don't use chemical softeners, I use plain white vinegar in the ball. The laundry is rinsed cleaner and softer with this simple vinegar method.

Well, enough of this foolishness. Time to go play Frisbee with the dog.


  1. We will be in one place for the month of July. I keep promising myself I will clean the rig completely! Yuck!

  2. Hmm... sorry about the mess... but I live here...

    I find it easier to do a little each day. Like I only did half the windows at a time. I vacuum one half one day and the other half another day. Rarely two days in a row! LOL! The broom closet is my exception (where I keep a toilet and sink) I keep a microfiber cloth in there to tidy up daily and a tiny bowl brush in a holder so I can swab the throne pretty often. It's nice to at least have the bath always clean even if the rest of the place looks lived in.


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