Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Random Rolling Notes

Ah ha!
The sun came up again today. Whee!

We just camped 2 weeks at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, not to be confused with Hunting Island State Park. The two are very different but often confused because of similar names and both being near the beach. I managed to walk and wade in the ocean nearly every day. The salt air and sea water are both nurturing and healing.

Below is not my beach camp, but it was unoccupied when I walked by and snapped the photo. The tall dunes protect the beach and inland. This is a rare part of the Grand Strand that is not over developed.

Some days the beach was very busy, especially close to the trails that access the area.

Same beach, further north away from the trails later in the day towards sunset.

On a separate odd note:

Number 13 and Computer Jokers...
I made and paid for a future reservation at a campground for arrival on Friday the 13th for 13 nights. It was "lost" in "the system" otherwise known as cyberworld for 13 days before I could get a confirmation number for my prepaid reservation after making 13 calls of inquiry.

Life is goof...

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