Monday, June 08, 2015

Rolling Around A Mini Motorhome

Busy taking care of business and it is exhausting. I am so stressed out dealing with some issues that just baffle me. Mostly folks in government or big corporations not doing their job and I the hapless consumer end up on the phone trying to straighten out a mess, I didn't create. But if I don't straighten it out through numerous phone calls and letters, then the "error" will remain not in my favor. Good grief, this is stressful. Grrrrr...

Also doing the campground shuffle due to "computer error". I thought humans ran these newfangled computers, so it seems to me it's "human error" but they blame the computer. *SIGH* And I end up doing the campground shuffle from hither and yonder due to this mysterious error.

Life is goof!

I will be back writing here soon, just wanted to say THANK YOU for stopping by, and THANK YOU for being a wonderful angel in my life.

I woke up alive, the sun came up and I am trying to smile and be super grateful for this gift. But it's hard some days, I just want to grumble and mumble about injustices and pain, pain, pain (I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and the pain, pain, pain...)  but I am trying to shut my big mouth and SMILE.

Pray for a miracle. Miracles can and do happen. It's a miracle I woke up alive. Yippee doodle do!

It's a miracle I have food to cook. Yippee doodle do!

Cooking with love... (and bribing with food...)

My friend has been helping me fix this old motorhome so I've been stuffing them with food prepared from my little ole humble kitchen. The plate is small but the omelette is big! On the side is a fresh fruit salad with homemade yogurt dressing. YUMMY!




  1. you are both doing well. this ain't my first identity so i don't wanta choose another. also, i'm obnoxious not anonymous. see ya.

    sherbet. raz

  2. With all due respect you have already mentioned that your "friend" is a "he." Can we skip the awkward use of "them" as singular and simply refer to him as "him?" (I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that it was done intentionally.)

  3. I like to keep everyone confused... like me.


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