Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sharp Stuffs and Broken Ices

Pictures from  camping in Croatan Forest in North Carolina.

camping in Croatan Forest in North Carolina.

camping in Croatan Forest in North Carolina.

Our stay in Croatan Forest was gorgeous and chaotically delightful.

Maybe we had a little too much fun! I never thought I could have too much fun... but things were wild and whacky.

I mash up da foot, we shorted out the starter battery and a disorganized workamper had us moving from site to site while periodically confusing and losing track of our prepaid fees.

I mash up da foot is lingo I learned in the Caribbean. Translated... da foot is anything from the toe to the hip, and mash up is to mangle or injure or hurt or break or strain. On the other hand if one has a mash and go, that is a car with an automatic transmission.

Before I injured my foot/ankle/leg, I did tour on bicycle, foot and paw the Cedar Point Tideland Trail and the Island Creek Forest Walk.  These are short fun trails suitable for my (lack of) athletic skills.

The starter battery had to be laid to rest and replaced. Apparently it was beyond resuscitation. Every day we try to plow forward with little repairs here and there, but when you least expect it *BANG* a semi-emergency presents itself, like the battery mess. So I grin and bear it. Smiling makes it all seem worthwhile.

Life is goof!

Our camp site had electricity but not water or sewer. We have holding tanks for all three, but several times we fetched fresh water with two collapsible water bags that do double purpose as anchor weights for the awning on a windy day. Two smaller bags are better than one big bag, because it balances the load when carrying it back to the motorhome.

The product features and warnings gave me quite a giggle but I can highly recommend the bags, as good bang for the buck. But keep away from "sharp stuffs". It's a bit annoying they advertise the bag as "disposable" when it's heavy duty and designed for repeated use. "Do not carry it for a long time" is an interesting caution. Perhaps they meant "heavy when full"?

I don't recommend freezing these for "broken ices".

Perhaps I need to rest now in spite of my enthusiasm to cram as much life as I can into each and every day.

Life is long. Death is short.

See you around the forest!


  1. Dear Miss Mermaid, warning labels on imported items such as those on your water bottles can be hilarious, my wife recently purchased a necklace from a discount store that warned, "contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard to children 52 years or younger....". Fortunately we older than 52, so we should be safe around the necklace.

  2. Oh that is funny!
    Thanks for stopping by. Come back again!


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