Friday, February 19, 2016

Green Poop and Earthing

Turtle poop!

It's lovely that the pet turtle comes by everyday to eat the purple wild flowers. But not so lovely she leaves behind big blobs of green poo.  These are about 10 times the size my little doggy pushes out and he of course would never ever poop in his own yard or campsite. He has to walk far away to do THAT.

I end up having to scoop the turtle poop because this is in Harley dog's play area where his tether roams. Nobody wants green poo on their tether.

Yucky poo.

Also, someone commented on my blog about "earthing" which is basically running about foot nude to shed the excess electricity. Well that is simplistic explanation. It's like being grounded to remove excess positive electrons.

But suffice it to say, I do run around barefoot almost everyday. Funny how the earth can be so much warmer than my cold floors indoors. I've been spotted around the campground, walking barefoot with the doggy while carrying my shoes and his poop bags.

GO BAREFOOT (or foot nude) once a day on good mother earth. It sheds the bad electrons and helps with healing. But watch out for that healthy green poo from your friendly neighborhood turtle.

Ain't life goof...

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  1. I would love to walk barefoot, but we have lots of stickers and four inch thorns which are even worse than stepping on turtle poo. It is impossible to get rid of them here on the Red River in wild America.

  2. the turtles were here first. go home.

    ice cream. raz


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