Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pedaling or Peddling

There are many advantages to shopping Amazon. I am also a Prime member which comes with a ton of useful benefits.

One of the best benefits is that most products ship free in 2 days. If you careen around in a motorhome or RV then this can be super handy because Amazon has become hotly competitive on many RV parts and supplies. 

Alternatively, a prime member can often elect for slower shipping and get a freebie from Amazon. The most popular freebie is they often offer up $1 digital credit in exchange for the slower shipping. I let these pile up then I am able to buy and download a music album or multiple music songs for free.

I love music.

It has brought a smile to my face. It calms me down. It makes me want to dance.

My motorhome is so tiny that dancing inside if very difficult, but I manage.

Oh how I dream about the option to one day own a little old motorhome with a slide out so I can have dance room. Keep dreaming... cause that is about as close as it's going to happen anytime soon.

But it looks like I am going to be in my current little old wheel estate for a long time to come, so I tell myself that I am happy enough to have a roof over my head and a soft bed to sleep in.

It's easy to come up with long lists of junk we think we want. But I find that by doing the reverse which is to look at all I own and then be super thankful for that, then that long list of wants just vanishes.

Never say never. A miracle could happen, I could end up in a slightly newer rig with dancing room.

For now I can just dance outside and let the neighbors wonder if I am having a seizure or just enjoying the music.

I have an outside stereo speaker that I just love. It's a regular speaker a friend gave me years ago when he moved to Brazil. I use a one gallon zip lock over the speaker to make it outdoor worthy. So far this has kept the speaker playing nicely. I use the front door to run the cord through. There is rubber between the door and the frame, so far it hasn't destroyed the speaker wire.

I am very grateful to have music in my life. I don't ride my bicycle with music, I need my ears to listen to traffic.

Around the corner from this park is a side entrance to a storm pedway. It has a paved walking and biking sidewalk all the way around it. What fun! (See picture below.)

I used to think I would save up to buy an old car for cash. But instead I spent that money on a comfortable Day 6 bicycle. 

I figure there is nothing healthy about owning a car.

My body is rapidly falling apart with a noncontagious rare disease beyond my control. But in the interim I am trying to get out on my bicycle once a day, every day. It eventually feels great! Sometimes I start off in a lot of pain and frustration. I sometimes use my magic button to engage the electric assist to help me in the early stages of rolling around. Then next thing I know, I am pedaling all over creation and the button isn't used at all.

Wheeee!  It makes me feel like a big kid.

If you think you can't get out on a bicycle, try buying a comfortable bicycle or buy the electric assist kit or buy both. I was able to use my kit on my old Schwinn and then when I bought the new Day 6 bicycle, I was able to switch it over.

It sounds contradictory to say that an electric assist bicycle will provide you more exercise, but it sure has for me. It gives me the confidence to get up and go!

It's NOT easy. I got back into bicycle riding after a 40 year hiatus thanks to my dear friend pushing and urging me to do MORE than my doctors or I thought possible. My friend was convinced that I could and would relearn to ride a bicycle and learn to love it.

He was so  right.

Matter of fact, I gave up on the doctors and began following alternative care. Whether it is right or wrong, one thing is evident, my stress level was reduced considerably. Health care shouldn't heap tons of stress on a person, but my care was extremely stressful. I am still confounded by this.

Gotta run, there's a world out there to see , a pedal at a time.

The storm pedway in the background has a paved trail that runs around the entire lake.

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