Monday, February 08, 2016

Scarf Barf

Ut oh.

Here's what happens when you get a bright idea to wash a dozen long scarfs together.

You end up with one very colorful lumpy scarf.

I cruise through Dollar Tree now and then to pick up some food and cleaning bargains. Everything is $1 or less there. They often have a scarf du jour for sale for $1. Since I can use these scarfs numerous ways, I fork out a $1 now and then to buy one. They get a lot of use in my hair, around my neck and inside and outside the motorhome.

Some are inspired by upcoming holidays, so I have scarfs with hearts and scarfs with stars and stripes. I have a scarf with fish and one with candy colors plus some with pretty pastel random stripes.

They tie up my long hair or make a great hippie headband. Sometimes I've braided a scarf into my hair with my long locks for a unique look.

When my wrist was super sensitive but I didn't want to wear a brace, I was hiding my ace bandage with a colorful scarf wrapped and tied around my arm. I got so many compliments people thought I was setting a new trend.

I hang some off the awning frame when I am expecting company so they don't thwack their head (IF they see the scarf dangling there first...)

When I have to leave the freezer door open in the hallway to defrost the fridge, I tie scarfs to it, so I don't slap my head (again) on that super sharp freezer door corner. Did you know that freezer door is harder than my head?

Ask me.

I found out the hard way... Had an ugly lump and a headache for daze.

So I was washing up my dirty life and decided the basket of scarfs probably had sweat and road grime ready for a washing.

And they came out as one big lumpy colorful scarf.

Scarf barf from my washing machine.

Life is goof.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about getting scarves at Dollar Tree. Most places are too expensive. I don't have enough scarves to tangle up yet. Mental note: Need more scarves.


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