Monday, February 15, 2016

Sinking Feeling

Sinking the motorhome.

I tried to do it again. Water every where.

Over the years, I've had more scary near sinkings of my motorhome that I ever had in 12 years of living on my sailboat at sea. I only had one near sinking in my sailboat. What luck! And I lived to tell about it.

Today I had water every where in my motorhome. I guess technically I can't sink since I am already parked on dry land. Thank goodness for small favors!

First I threw microfiber towels on it then I remembered my rubber broom has a squeegee for emergencies like this. I swept the water out of the wheel estate and down the door steps. Then I used the rags to mop.

The water was already sudsy because it was my washing machine that peed all over the place. After 5 years, she blew a water hose. Instead of washing my clothes, she washed my floor, rugs, shoes and dog toys.

Luckily there wasn't too much dirt, hair and fur with the water. I had swept up the day before with the rubber broom. If you don't have a rubber broom, then you're not living clean.

I discovered a rubber broom and there's no turning back. It sweeps inside and out, on floors, rugs, concrete. It sweeps wet stuff or dry dirt. It traps hair that easily pulls out of the broom for disposal.

Flip it over and the squeegee can corral a wet mess in a hurry.

Just yesterday my washing machine spit out a cup of water when I wasn't looking. I carried it outside, removed the bottom and looked up inside. The compact washing machine only weighs 49 pounds but it's a super hard worker.

Nothing seemed amiss. I decided I had spilled water and just not realized it.

But the next day when I started to wash a small load of clothes, there was suddenly sudsy water all across the bedroom floor, the aisle, the hallway, the kitchen, the living area.

It's not a large motorhome so water can spread far and wide pretty quick.

This time I called the toll free number for Haier on my compact washing machine. I was shocked to get a live person right away who wanted the model and serial number. It was why my friend was reading off the super long serial number for me to relay to the operator,  that he yelled "Hey! The outlet hose is busted! That's why it's leaking water!"

The kind man on the other end of the telephone quoted the part number I needed, then gave me another number to call about buying the part. At the same time I typed the part number into Amazon's website and guess what.

They sell the part and deliver it in 2 days.

So, 2 days from now, I should be back to washing my clothes.

Life is goof.

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