Monday, February 22, 2016

World Outside

Just like a blind long tailed kitty cat in a room full of rocking chairs, I too am trying to navigate amid the chaos.

Here are some beautiful pics of our beautiful world.

Oh the neighbors love me now. This is how we paint the rig. Little small bits at a time. I figure we should be done in another year or two. Those are old free magazines we use to cover the windows so over-spray doesn't wreck them.

My cutie patootie in a rare moment of being nearly perfectly still. Normally he is high energy in constant motion when he is not sleeping. I even tried to fatten him up in hopes of slowing him down but that just gives him even more energy and more reason to fill up the poop bags. His fur looks sort of neat because he just had his head out the window for a blow styling.

Bicycle riding is the most efficient means of human propulsion. It's fun too. Nature is awesome. Traffic not so awesome.

If you drive a vehicle, please look out for the bicycles and give them a little room to enjoy their green contribution. Please.

I pedaled to the grocery store yesterday. Luckily I only had one near miss collision with a car bent on turning right on red whether I was crossing the street or not. I escaped injury but oh my heart was racing from that scare. I had correctly pushed the button at the street corner to cross the street and I went when the pedestrian light told me to go. But this driver was in a hurry and she thought maybe I was just a foggy mist shaped like a person on a bicycle when she tried to drive right through me.

Do you like to park as close to the door as possible when shopping?

Then get a bicycle.

Typically they have parking near the front door in a bike rack. Even the not so friendly bicycle stores, often have a sign post near the front door that can be used as a place to lock up your bicycle.

Whenever possible, I try to avoid the interstates and soak up views of nature while driving to a new campground.

I can't write anymore today.

There's a world outside waiting.

Thank you very much.


  1. So funny about bicycles . . . last night I dreamed of riding a bicycle on the freeway. I was very fast, but lost.

  2. As for painting your RV, you must discovered the secret: "Hard by the yard, cinch by the inch."

  3. Not having met you, I have to ask, do you generally appear to people as a foggy mist? From your writing style, I would certainly guess not!

  4. I'm glad you are painting. I was afraid you had a broken window when I first saw the picture.

    You are braver than I am to ride a bike on the road. Where I live they try to run over you in the bike lane. I camped at the KOA in St Petersburg and there was a bike/walking trail that went by there. It looked like it went a long way and even had it's own bridge. I wish more cities would do that.


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