Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I woke up alive so it's a great start to a gorgeous day.

It's 37 effing degrees here so I've decided to move to Florida where it is warmer.

Oh dang it.

I just found out that I am in Florida.

And it's really that cold!


I am home again recuperating from the ICU. My voice oscialtes between a tiny whisper and other times a full voice that almost works but then after talking for a few minutes it goes back to being hoarse.

I am learning to walk and climb steps and it's all super painful and I've  tried to ride my special bicycle cause all I could think of was when I get out of this hospital, I am going to go home and  ride my bicycle. I wobble around the neighborhood, but riding my bike is easier than walking. Mostly I use the electric assist to come back home again.

So if you are waiting for me to return your phone call, keep in mind I can only talk about 5 minutes then I need a break.

After getting home from the hospital it took 4 days to get the dread locks out of my long hair and finally a dear sweet angelic soul sat down and finished the final nightmare for me because after  4 days of being unable to completely comb out all the snares and dreadlocks, I was feeling rather ridiculous and looking very unkempt like a wild and crazy person!

Oh yeah, I am wild and crazy... but I love my long hair and take pains to keep it nice... or did...

Apparently in the ICU there was a lot of confusion and I remember the staff threatening me repeatedly to cut off all my long hair which had me screaming but then they knocked me out again so I never knew if I had hair or not.

I had NO head injury and there was no reason for the staff to threaten me repeatedly this way and keep me stressed out.

They refused to let me have my comb so that neither I nor anyone visiting me could comb it during my hospital stay. This is a very curious situation I just don't understand. If I had a head injury and the hospital needed to shave it off to sew up a wound or something, but I wasn't there for a head injury so why the chronic threats to cut off my long hair and  keep me stressed out?

It's a mystery!

Stressing out a patient makes healing slow down considerably.

Ever had someone screaming RELAX 2 inches from your ear when you aren't even deaf? Did you feel very relaxed?

Last year when my neighbor was transferred to hospice, a nursing aid shaved off his mustache. I went to see him and asked what the heck happened to his beloved mustache?  The staff said they thought he would look better without it and I said well you probably gave him a heart attack when you did that. He loved his mustache and has had it for decades!

When his family found out what they had done without permission from anyone, they were extremely upset too. He died a day later and was buried without his beloved mustache. He wasn't hooked into any equipment that made the mustache be a problem, it was just a bored nursing aid who decided maybe he came for a beauty makeover rather than to die in peace with dignity.

I am LUCKY I am alive!  I am lucky that my screaming Noooooooooo in response to the chronic threats might have saved my head of hair.

It's a beautiful day today in spite of the frigid cold. The sun isn't even up yet, but I am up just waiting to see the sunrise to say YAY, I made it to another day and I am the luckiest person on planet earth!

As a bonus, I have hair!

I can even comb it all out on my own now, so I feel very empowered.

All grown up!

To the awesome angel that sat down and helped me fix this hair nightmare I feel so very very lucky.  It took hours to get the final snags out.

Maybe everyone else thinks I need super short hair, but I prefer my long hair.

I didn't go to the hospital for a beauty makeover, I ended up there accidentally because I was super sick.

Life is goof...

But I am alive! 

And I love my mustache too...

Tee hee hee!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful  earthly angels  who are aiding in my recovery!



  1. It hurts me that someone didn't take care of your beautiful hair when you couldn't. I wish I lived closer so that I could have tried to help you. They were jealous I'm sure. They showed no respect for a truly beautiful mermaid like you. Stay strong and feel better soon.

    Lynn in GA


Life is goof!