Saturday, October 09, 2010

Doggy Is Better Dressed Than Me

Harley models his Faux Fur coat
Well, it's Saturday. I am trying to pretend I am not c-c-cold what with only 3 shirts on, long pants, a pair of socks and fuzzy men's slippers.

Devil Dog Wolfman wearing his ski sweater
 When I got too far away from the ocean, my mermaid tail transformed into feet.  Short, wide feet. Women's shoes tend to be super skinny.  So I had to buy some fuzzy men's faux suede clogs with rubber soles and fleece lining to keep my socked feet warm. I also have some boots, and looks like I need to put those on next.  Brrr...

We are continuing to make repairs and slight improvements to this old motorhome. Today we are propping up my bed with a wooden peg leg. The original mattress was designed to be the double sized, but  with a corner missing.  I guess Fleetwood figured you wanted that tiny bit of extra space in the bedroom. No idea why they did that.  Then someone prior to my ownership, put in a Sealy Posterpedic mattress of the normal rectangle size,  then attempted to build a wooden corner support for the mattress. They did a lousy job, so it fell apart. Now we are fixing it up proper, so my mattress won't sag at the corner.

My not-to-scale drawing of the problem and remedy. The bed is built on a platform, so the board at the corner sticks out across the floor, hence the need for a peg leg to hold it up horizonally.
My 3rd spice rack *giggle* is about to be installed. I am accumulating more herbs and spices both for seasoning and many for health reasons. It helps to be able to have them handy, rather than have to go digging for them.

 Which besides, the pantry shelf has gave way. It was another addition inside the cabinet by a former owner.  They didn't shore it up correctly, so it sags a good bit. We are going to fix that too.

I hope we get around to caulking the leaky window. I thought I caulked it last spring, but apprently, I caulked all but the rear one. My friend washed the beast the other day, dislodging the dirt that was in the old caulking that kept it from leaking. So now, we are removing the old caulk in preparation of new caulk.

And it's c-c-c-cold here.

Harley naps in his turtleneck sweater, a gift from Baily and Baxter

Soon I will be headed south with the snowbirds. Afterall, my home has wheels, why be cold when I can go south.  Besides, the puppy dog is requiring too much in  wardrobe. He owns far more sweaters than me, and he has a new fur coat, while I have an old trenchcoat to wear for warmth. His budget is so tiny, how does he do it?

Harley's Light Weight Golf Sweater

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