Sunday, October 24, 2010

In Memory of Souls Lost in Camille

Wandering down country roads, avoiding the interstates, in this little old motorhome. 

There is
nothing like finding heaven...  

being able to afford it on a teeny tiny budget. 

We got


days my head ain't good. (Bahamian
way of saying the mind is off to another world.)

I love
everywhere we camp, I always want to stay another day.  But
each day we move along.  I look for beautiful spots, lush with
nature that are budget friendly. The further from main highways, the

Much to
the amusement of my friend traveling with me, we've ended up in some
pretty funky spots. But he's a hearty sailor like me, we've both spent
decades in the Caribbean messing about boats and bits of small islands,
where life is slower, often vastly culturally different. So when we
turned up at some decidedly different places, some that even have bad
reviews, that encouraged us, because what the reviewers complained
about, seemed so insignificant to us.
Just whiny people with an axe to grind. 

We love
the beauty, the solitude, the commune with nature. 

yesterday we pulled into a new piece of heaven. A small campground in
Reidsville North Carolina.  The campground is on Lake
Reidsville, though not all campsites are directly at the lake's edge.
 The gentle slope of the area, leading down to the lake, leads
itself to a variety of camp spots, no two alike. 

We set
up camp on a jumbo forested lot with a view of the lake surrounded by
the colors of autumn trees.  The weather seemed considerably
warmer for us, to finally hit the good old south. 


In the
Caribbean, so often, people tend to laugh at tragedy or bad luck. I'm
not sure why, but the first time I noticed this, I liked it. 

I am super happy. Sad to say, I've not been my cheery self always since
the hospital nightmare.  For this I apologize to all
who may have encountered my grumpy self.
 But I



friend unintentionally (AND while 100% sober), managed to nearly take
out their check-in booth.  Yes, he crashed my motorhome. In
front of me. In front of the dog. In front of the nice lady who was
going to check us in for the night. 

damages were minor, but enormously embarrassing.  Amazingly,
they allowed us to move into the campground anyhow. 

I burst
out laughing at my friend's gaffe.  From the damages to the
roof of the building, we could tell we weren't the first to have
motorhome meet the roof overhang. 

I laugh
as I write about this now. We've had such lovely days so far, a little
mishap wasn't about to ruin my jovial mood. 
At Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland, nature provided a breathtaking backdrop to  overnight camping.  My motorhome is a
tree hugger.  

In Virginia, we learned about the sad fate of others.  My prayers go out for the souls lost and missing, presumed dead. How
frightening, to lose someone you love, without ever clearly knowing
their final fate. Hurricanes do that. They rearrange lives. 


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