Friday, October 22, 2010

Lunch on the River Run and Spooky Camping

Delaware Gap Watershed near Bushkill, Pennsylvania
I am on the road from new Hampshire to Florida, taking a circuitous route with my friend who has come for part of the trip.

It is so much more fun to have a human friend along for the adventure. The dog, is of course, still with us.

We've been having all our meals in the motorhome. So often the views are just fantastic such as this lunch time stop on the river, with a backdrop of beautiful fall colors.

I haven't been able to write much, because I am either driving or navigating, which I manage to get lost doing both.  I seem to pick eccentric camping spots, more on that later.

Currently we are tucked away in a forest of trees at a campground that has gone all out decorating for Halloween. Ghosts dangle from the trees, giant pumpkins are every where and way, a huge spiders graces the restrooms.  When we arrived, I walked up to the office and this mummy growled at me, causing me to jump!  The office was closed, but a phone call to the number on the door, informed us to make ourselves at home.

Eventually the maintenance man came by and directed us to take a nice walk to go pay our nightly fee. Three tame deer that lost their mother, were locally adopted and wander around the campground like pets.

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