Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Repairing My Life

Getting lost one day, I stopped to study the map next to this fire truck. It looks like I went through a time warp, no wonder I am lost. What year is it?

Well, I'm making more repairs and improvements to this old motorhome. We caulked the windows and found some mysterious places to jam in caulk for good measure around the outside of the guest loft. Ahoy!

My pantry shelf collapsed a while back and has been held up with a box of Brita Water Filters. The only problem is, now I need a new water filter, so it's time to fix the shelf.

I'm thinking of fixing the miniscule leak in the hot water tank. The emergency relief valve tends to leak now and then, making the water pump kick on when I am using the water tank rather than direct street water.

The last day of our trip, was a mess, and we forgot to get more gas. So I can't start the generator, as the tank is right at a quarter tank. The generator was designed not to gobble up the last of the gas, in case one is sleeping and running the generator, you don't wake up with an empty gas tank. It shares the same gas tank as the engine for driving.

My friend says I stack dishes funny. Underneath this pile is an actual dish drainer (with more dishes drying) that fits inside the sink. As you can note, I prefer to let my dishes air dry. Otherwise you need a clean fresh towel every time you dry them.  Air drying keeps them nice and clean with no boogies on them. I actually do put them away, once they are dry. I don't think I stack them that funny.

I guess I will go for a ride and get more gas. Soon I am headed in a southerly direction. One of the sweaters I saved from last winter, is developing holes on it's own. I stored my few winter things in moth balls in the basement storage of the motorhome. When I opened them up recently to wear, the moth balls were all gone. Everything seemed in good shape except every time I put on this warm sweater, it has a new hole, so in the garbage it goes soon. I look like a refugee shopping out of a dumpster when I wear it. Tsk tsk tsk.

That reduces my winter wardrobe to only two outfits. But if I pile on enough stuff, I can make a third outfit. Wearing all these layers of clothes, makes me look very lumpy.

The guest loft is a queen sized bunk with an optional ladder to reach it.

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