Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sneaking in the Back Way

Last evening finished with a brilliant sunset. Morning brought in heavy fog. It's still cold, despite 3 days of traveling.

Monday night we ended up in a very private campground, Creek View Camp. It only had about half a dozen RV spots, but it did have lots of tent room. A polite way to put it was charmingly rustic. It was set up years ago on a mostly level spot behind a house, up a twisty hill. The big rigs wouldn't be able to fit in this campground, but we found it rather nice, if not a bit wacky. We were parked between the caterpillar and the backhoe.

A hilarious phone call to the owner, informed us that he was babysitting a 3 year old grandchild who was pooping a lot and he claimed not to be cut out for this type of work. He directed us to a spot that had electric, water and sewer. A few hours later, he came home and collected our fee.

The only tenants were 2 campers in tents, a long term tenant who got up to go work at 5am and us.

Tuesday evening, we found Christmas Pines Camp after turning into Red Church Road, which was skinny, winding and initially took us up a very steep hill. Incredibly, there was a massive red church well established many decades ago.

We pulled into the campground and were met by a closed gate. After reading the somewhat confusing directions, we pushed a button which gave us a dial tone, then made a phone call to a cheery lady who let us in the gate by remote control.

She was astonished we had come in the back way, as most RV-ers claim they can't make the climb over the steep hill. We're sailors, so nothing daunts us.
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