Thursday, October 07, 2010

This Old Motorhome

I should have a TV or Internet show;

This Old Motorhome with Dear Miss Mermaid

It's fun to get things fixed.
I guess.
I'm on a super tight budget with deficit funding. So guess who gets to fix most things.
Or my friend that I am visiting.
What a great friend too.
We've been busy! Either we break things or fix things.

Besides replacing the toilet seat, we repaired the 30 amp electric plug, after running over old one. Whoops.

We found enough spare parts in junk yards to repair my obsolete patio awning and frame. Now I have a functioning retro awning. Yippee!  We also put more

The refrigerator has a new latch on it from Dometic, the old one was broken and occasionally the refrigerator would throw up food while I was driving. This was never good, as it made a big mess and a horrendous noise. I couldn't always pull over immediately and had to watch helplessly in my rear view mirror as the door banged around wildly and food stuff rolled around the floor. I thought I had sort of fixed the problem, but apparently not, as it happened again. Last time,  my friend managed to exit the passenger seat, to go make sense of the mess, while I looked for a place to park.

And you wonder how I get lost... sometimes I have help.

The old self-locking refrigerator latch sprung a spring somewhere. Must have been down one of those bumpy thumpy roads. Or one of the detours where they have you driving over the Braille markers. Those make a horrendous noise. The vibration is enough to apparently, send my tooth filling falling out.
Add dentist to bottom of list. Yikes. I knew that was a rough detour.  But now dental work?  Oh dear me.
For the last trip, we took to duct taping it shut before each trip. This left unsightly duct tape glue all over the fridge and side paneling, I finally got that all cleaned off with a magic eraser sponge
A lot of people say I need GPS. That is so far down on the list, it may be years before I get that. But if I had GPS, I might not get lost.
Then I wouldn't find all these nifty places. Like the fun I had in Coolville, Ohio, when I got lost and ended up there.  The first time it was so nice, I stayed 4 days. Then a month later I decided to go back and stay a whole month.
Recently I got lost again and ended up at a beautiful spot on the Ohio River. My camera malfunctioned and I have few pics of it, dang it, but I hope one day I end up back there again, it was heavenly.
At some point in my travels, I bought a super cheap four foot mirror on sale. It's been riding around with me, laying along side the bedroom wall.  I could see my feet perfectly. The dog barked when he first saw the doggy in the mirror. We tried to install it once, but the mirror was on sale, because it was hard to install. Eventually, we figured out Plan B, since Plan A was out the window.  Eventually we got it up on the bathroom door.  It's never coming off. I used yards of thick outdoor double stick tape on the back of it. The mirror looks terrific and gives natural light to the hallway. 

When I come out of the shower, I can give myself a fright, staring back at a vertical mermaid.
A piece of difficult cabinetry trim came loose and we got that reinstalled nicely with lots of glue. I removed a cantankerous coathook that was always in the way when I tried to shut the bedroom door. That left two holes in the paneling. I replaced the holes with brass hooks. They don't interfere with the bedroom door.

I removed two mini-blind brackets that were designed to hold  the bottom of the shade in place, but I always have my shades up at sunrise, so the brackets were a nuisance. One was broken, the other one rusty. I didn't need either one. Now I had empty holes again. I put pretty brass screws in the holes. That works. The brass screw looks like they're holding the wall in place, but all they do is fill the two small holes in the wall. This old motorhome has brass hardware on the cabinets and doors, so brass screws look like they belong there.

We removed another shade that wouldn't rollup right because it was too fat. We shortened it from the 8 foot length to about 3 feet. Now it could roll up correctly. Most of the time.  I love the big windows in this motorhome.  Since my surroundings change so often, it's so nice to have a view and sunshine.

The bathroom shade, I removed to find out why it wouldn't roll up at all. It was put together backwards. It's been that way since I bought the motorhome. We put it together correctly and guess what.

It works nicely now.

I hung up rectangle baskets on the walls to hold spices and condiments. I use lots of spices for cooking as well as for numerous health reasons and remedies.

The baskets are kind of deep and the woven willow hides the metal frame. Earlier I had bought a traditional Amish woven basket for kitchen utensils. My drawers didn't seem big enough to hold them, they were always jammed in there, hard to get to. Not much fun for cooking, until now.
The mirror is installed, plus my handy baskets.

We bought a jumbo polyethylene chopping board. My friend was going to skillfully cut it to fit as a sink topper. Most RV's come with nice sink covers, so you can have extra counter room for prepping. However, it turned out to be a great size to not cut up, and just use it on top of the counter, over the sink. Now we are building little custom fiddles for the counter top, so it can sit there while I am driving without sliding off and banging loudly to the floor. When I am in port, oops, in a camp spot, it can lean against the wall on the counter, so I can use both sinks. But having extra counter space for preparing meals, is super handy. Some RV's have a counter piece that folds up for use and away again when not in use, but there just wasn't room for that in my old motorhome.

I like to cook.  Well it's cheaper than eating out. So I say I like to cook. But I end up making gourmet stuff sometimes, so it's nice to have some working room.

Food is fun. Spices are heavenly.  My spice collection is burgeoning.  So many offer healthful benefits, superior to the dangerous drugs pushed upon us by the drug corporations and the doctors who get lavish benefits from prescribing them. I was watching my friend's TV. I don't have a TV. It's so far down at the bottom of the list, I may never get one at the rate I am going. A regular TV won't fit in my small motorhome, so it has to be a flat TV, but then there is the special bracket to install it, so it can be moved or watched at different angles, then the installation of that and so on. It adds up to a lot of money in a hurry, so no TV. Sometimes I watch a show or movie on my laptop computer. So I can have entertainment now and then. But I hardly have time for TV, what with a puppy (who is sleeping super late as I write this) to keep me occupied.

He loves to play and walk and run.  He has no road sense, so I have to be careful he is always on a leash or tethered. I hope eventually, he will be able to walk with me, without always being tied to a leash. On the other hand, most all campgrounds have strict leash laws and so on. A few bad apples with untrained dogs have made it hell for the rest of us.

What?  A home without a TV?  How un-American!  Anyhow, the commercials were about to drive me insane. It's impossible to enjoy a show, the advertisement interruptions are so frequent and lengthy. The drug commercials are especially scary, the way they try to convince the viewer that life can't be lived drug free.  It seems the TV is more of a brain washer than an entertainment center, unless you are able to watch commercial-free cable channels, which there are very few of those around.

I remember when Cable TV first came out, we were told that by paying for TV, we would be able to watch shows uninterrupted, without the frequent commercials. Boy, were we ever lied to!

Since I quit taking diabetes meds, I am careful to eat healthy a few times a day. So far, I'm alive. What luck. I also got off the other 17 drugs the doctors insisted I needed in order to live. And, I am still ALIVE.

Now that's really fun!

My dear friend climbed up on the roof of my motor coach, checked it for damages, then taped over some rough spots that might have been brushed by low tree limbs. He also gave the roof a bath, cleaning off all the muck from me parking under trees all spring, summer and fall. That made the sides look dirty, so he gave The Beast a bath. I ran around and washed almost all the windows. Just a few left for me to do, but now it's pouring down rain. So the motorhome is getting a really good fresh rinse. What a dear friend to give my beast a bath!

Oops. I discovered my back window has a leak. Oh dear. It must need caulking. Better put that on the top of the list. It's leaking on my bed. Does the work ever stop? 

I advertised my Blue Ox tow bar for sale, but it hasn't sold. I figure I won't be towing anything around, any time soon. Two guys called and made offers on it, which I accepted. But then both called back, and changed their minds.

Are men allowed to change their mind?  I thought only women could do that.

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