Monday, July 04, 2011

Fun With Fireworks and Fish

My RV friend who visited last week caught these fish for sport, but he tossed them back to get fatter. 

Last night the neighbors on the lake were shooting off wonderful colorful firework displays. I rather enjoyed it, although Harley wasn't sure. 

The weather has cooled off, the humidity dropped. I've turned off the air-conditioner, opened all my windows, then moved outdoors to my patio office. From here I am able to work today while keeping watch on the boat ramp shenanigans.

Harley dog and I went on park and bark patrol. It was so peacefully quiet here, just the occasional songbird would tweet a few beats. My footsteps seemed eerily loud in the near hushed silence of the early morning stroll. 

Yesterday we discovered a new secret path. When the lake is a few feet low for a few weeks, the shore dries out enough to be tread by foot. Somehow we still managed to come home with mud on our paws. *sigh* More housework. I'm used to calling it Carolina mud, but this here is Georgia red mud. 

As I type, Harley tangles his tether with my chair for the 19th time this morning. He is torn between being right by my side and other interesting things. Consequently he wraps around my chair and chair legs, making a tangled mess for us both. 

Blogger platform keeps changing their pictures and layouts. I keep having to learn (or not learn) how to post pictures. 

All these pictures will enlarge if you just click on them. Also any words that are a different color have links and some are even underlined, but not all. I noticed my email subscriptions, if you receive this blog this way, does not underline the links. You're just supposed to magically know that the colored ones go to links. 

As the day grew hot, rather quickly too I might add, after such a cool night and morning, Harley and I both took baths, washing our fur and hair.  Now we smell clean and look cute. 

Play with fireworks on your computer at this link.  (No spyware or anything weird. Just click your mouse or pointer and watch the explosions!)
It's a a great waste of time. :)

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