Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grow Up

Grow up?  

We're supposed to grow up? 

I don't think I got that memo...

What the heck...

Life is Short.   Make fun of it! 

A friend once said to me "You always have lots of projects going on...You waste your time wisely." 

I never think of myself as having a lot of projects going on until I look at my "To Do" list, which is overwhelming. If I posted my "To Do" list here, it would overwhelm you too.  Some days it frightens me.  It's on my computer, because the endless paperwork around here is driving me batty. It's somewhat organized and ultra depressing at times. 

I decided to write down my typical daily activities:

  • Wake up alive
  • Do workamping duties (that pays the rent and some utilities)
  • Patch up body (self-doctoring)
  • Write thank-you's (So much to be thankful for!)
  • Write blog
  • Write articles (freelance)
  • Write stories/chapters (future book)
  • Write/Photograph recipes (future cookbook)
  • Promote book, designs, sponsors etc. (not very good at this)
  • Read/Research for current/future projects (mind boggling)
  • Help someone (requests come in and I try to help out, or I run into a situation and I try to be a Good Samaritan)
  • Shoot Photographs
  • Look for freelance paying work, do work and pray they pay (some don't)
  • Repair/Upgrade Old RV (in the past this has been old boat, old jeep, old house, old cabin, old me... something is always falling apart, I try to fix all I can without outside expense, so repairs take a loooooooong time while I study or try to figure something out)
  • Exercise/Walk/Stretch/Dance
  • Cook/Make/Eat healthy foods to get well (takes longer than you think)
  • Feed friends if they stop by (rarely, but uber fun!)
  • Meditate to get well
  • Do alternative treatments
  • Organize lifestyle
  • Make lists/Label Stuff (helps my battered brain get better)
  • Clean up mess (a busy life is really messy!)
  • Train puppy
  • Play with puppy
  • Walk puppy
  • Pray Often
  • Look for a miracle
  • Smile
  • Be Happy
  • Battle the Bank (I owe them for a ton of medical mess)
  • Balance the erratic budget (nearly impossible, but I make it happen more or less)
  • Answer emails
  • Paper chase (too much paperwork weighing down my motorhome!)
  • For fun, I mostly chit chat with a friend on the phone or occasionally in person, but not daily, lots of solitude here, sometimes I go all week without talking on the phone 

And people wonder why I don't have a TV...  When would I ever watch it?  

I must admit, I fall into bed pretty exhausted.  I never get enough done, but one day I hope to feel like I do.   

I have some movies I sometimes play on an old failing ancient laptop computer in bed at night. It takes me 3-6 nights to complete a 90 minute movie, because I can't stay awake. The laptop turns itself off and sleeps in the corner of the bed.  Puppy sleeps in other corner, my feet and head take up the two remaining corners, at an angle. 

I also sleep with 7 pillows to ease my aches and pains.  

My version of a padded cell!

I miss traveling. I rarely get to go anywhere lately, but sometimes a friend takes me to the stores for food and supplies, or I bust up camp and drive the motorhome there.  Weeks go by with me only traveling by foot in the immediate area, doing my workamping duties.

LIFE IS GOOD!  All we really need is food, shelter, companionship, clothing,  (humans aren't built very well to run around au naturale like wild life).  

But grow up?  I'm supposed to grow up?

I don't know when I can make time for that...

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