Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost, Frazzled and Bedazzled

Some days my mind is all a frazzled and bedazzled. 

I took all these pictures, some from when I lived in the Caribbean and some while traveling getting lost  in my wheel estate motorhome. 

 I was driving my motorhome in the middle of nowhere, when I came upon these bewildering signs. I wish I had a better shot of them. But if you look closely, there are 13 signs in this picture. There was a long line of traffic behind me, just as confused, or I would have stopped to figure out which way to go. (And taken a better picture!)

And people wonder how I get lost so often. 
 I was on Virgin Gorda in the Virgin Islands, waiting on the ferry, searching for a public restroom when I found this one. Problem though, it was locked up behind a fence with a peculiar sign on it:  

Um...what corner???

This grocery store had an electrician with a sense a humor. 
Too many signs get me confused when I am driving my motorhome on narrow streets with bewildering signs.

And you wonder how I get lost so often...

On Joe's Hill in the Virgin Islands, was the only seatbelt sign in the entire island at that time. 

Truth be told, Joe's Hill is actually much steeper than the truck picture indicates. Just ask anybody who has lived through a drive up or down that road.

And it's curvey too. 
By golly, I finally found the national park!  

 Don't be littering here (but it's OK to bang nails and signs into the trees.)

This scene has an unfolding story.
First off the owner of this seaside bar was extremely proud when he decided to install a public restroom for his guests. 
That is, his female guests. (Men, take a hike!)
The sign painter was supposed to paint "HERS ONLY" but he forgot what he was painting and put "HENS ONLY".  
Just in case that was unclear, he added "GIRLS ONLY".
And just in case, if the women were really confused, another sign was added on the left:

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid


  1. It used to be 'Lost, Bothered and Bewildered' but before your time I guess.

    'Luv Frenchie

  2. Joe's Hill was the very first hill I ever drove up on my first visit to the BVI. It was a TERRIFYING experience. That first hair pin curve nearly did me in.


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