Saturday, July 02, 2011

Nature Is So Entertaining

The wildlife around here continues to intrigue me. I'm not in a very remote place, but in a heavily wooded area. 
This eagle was sitting on the bridge. I tried to get a picture of him, but my camera was slow, the eagle was fast, so this is all I caught before my camera said "Dead Batteries".  I could scream (but I won't!)

Feel free to correct me if you don't think this is an eagle, but he was HUGE. Large birds seem attracted to this remote foot bridge.  I have a picture of stork on it somewhere in this blog after April 1st. 

I like this picture, the calm before the storm. Before little Harley and I could get home again to our wheel estate, it had poured down rain, soaking us both to the bone. 

It reminded me that Harley needed a bath!  Phew...wet puppy inside closed up motorhome. He was shaking so bad, (gets cold very easily)  and well the hot water isn't working. So he got lucky.  No bath. So I spritzed him with PawFume and comb his wet fur out. He was not amused. He loves the brushing but not the hissy sound of the PawFume spray bottle. 

I bought this electric hot water conversion kit. Big waste of money. It's all hooked up and it doesn't work!  I am beside myself. To return it, I have to rip it all out again, not an easy task. Meanwhile I just grind my teeth about it. 

That hasn't fixed it either. 

If any handy type folks (handyman or handywoman) plan to travel in my area (Hartwell Lake on I-85 at the Georgia and South Carolina border) by all means let me know!  I can park a spare RV here with electricity, water & sewer.  I have a few little projects that are making me insane or bald or both. 

Just look for a crazy bald mermaid on the lake...not too many like me around. I can offer up great perks such as a wildly enthusiastic puppy who is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. 

I am handy at lots of things, but lately certain things are just baffling me!  Maybe we can work out a trade or I can pay if you keep the rate reasonable. If I had pocketfuls of cash, I would have already drove 170 miles to the repair shop. 

SERIOUSLY email me for phone and directions:  
DearMissMermaid AT  
(Replace the AT with @)
Have you ever studied a perfect dandelion close up before?  I just find nature utterly amazing and very entertaining. 
If you look closely, you can see the full moon rising, slipping up between the clouds. 

I found the BIG CAT paw prints in the mud at the lake. Camera was dead. It's got to be a cougar, way too big for a bobcat. I'm not scared of him, but I could feel him watching me, as if we had interrupted his drink of water. I worry for my 6 pound dog though, he would be a mere snack for something used to eating a whole deer for the week. 

My previous company, who fished often, had alerted me to the paw prints.  I went down there, ruler in hand and camera, but the batteries died. I guess I need new AA rechargeable batteries, I seem to have worn these out, used up their life. At that to the bottom of the ridiculously long list. 

Life is GOOD!  I'm so lucky to wake up alive, to be able to do my workamping duties while soaking up the immense beauty of nature. Well, I hope you enjoyed my amateur photography. 

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  1. Not even an hour after I posted this, a new tiny fawn appeared on my property about the size of a greyhound dog. As soon as I grabbed the camper, he scampered off. He is even smaller than the other orphan fawn!

    Where are their mothers?

    Why are they attracted to me?

    Why do I get awful pics when they turn up or no pics?

    One wonders...

  2. Face doesn't look like an eagle; more like a buzzard! Told you those prints were too big for a bobcat................hold on tight to little monkey:))))))))))

    P.S. Why won't water heater run on propane if you don't have electric plugged in?? It should act as a drain plug when not heating via electricity.

  3. So you calling my eagle a buzzard? LOL! Could be...

  4. Nah..............believe it's got to be a common vulture
    ( Where I grew up, we called them buzzards but really meant to say vulture. They're both scavengers.

    Here's wishing you and Harley a quiet, peaceful and great 4th. I'm sure your area is rocking this weekend but also hope there are no serious accidents, injuries or deaths.


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