Wednesday, July 06, 2011

No Phone For Awhile

Life is about to get more peaceful and quiet than I wanted...
Sunflowers by Dear Miss Mermaid

My phone is being turned off soon. You can reach me by email and Skype. 

Skype is FREE but they don't advertise. So many Americans just don't have it. Nearly all my overseas friends have it, we like free. I wish all my American friends had it too, we could talk for free. 

I will get another phone number at some point, just haven't worked anything out yet. So if you call me and the phone is turned off, well I am probably alive and just phone-less for now. Things don't always happen in a hurry around here, I have such a long list of urgent things, I am flummoxed as to which to do second. (First is to get well and strong!)

Between getting well and trying to make repairs, well there was more month than money left over. Oops!

It happens. Gosh, it seems only yesterday, I was making good money, living in the Caribbean, paying all my bills, throwing something in the savings account then I woke up in the hospital and well, life turned me upside down, inside out.

The last two years have been pretty tough and rough on me financially and physically.  Spending a month in the hospital, then taking forever to get well, it just turned my finances into one gigantic mess!  I still can't talk about the assault, beyond the two words.  That's enough said. 

I never in my wildest dreams thought this could happen to me. But I am plugging along, promoting my books, trying to get the next book to print soon.  

So many angels have helped me along, it's wonderful!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and mermaid tail!

I am workamping, no salary, but they provide my campspot with electric, water and sewer, so that is a huge help. 

My internet is still on, no contract.  I am writing for a new company that is starting to send me little checks. So I am deeply encouraged. 

Has anyone had any luck with using google to sponsor their blog?  I have google ads on here, but the ads don't seem relevant and the pennies they pay, take a long time to add up to their minimum pay out of $100. Maybe when I am old and decrepit...that $100 advertising check will arrive. If anyone has had any luck with them, let me know. I must be doing something wrong. 

I woke up alive this morning with a puppy, so all is great. He doesn't care if we have a phone or not. He bit me!  But he was injured. I doctored him all up, he is much better now. 

I feel like something fantastically GOOD is on the horizon. 

Keep your fingers crossed!  It will all come back together one day soon. I am a juggler, tossing lots of things up in the air, let's see what lands where. *SPLAT*.

This is bound to be yet another adventure!

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  1. I find AdSense to be severely worthless. Some bloggers (Kevin and Ruth) do well with it, but I don't know how. They also suggest Chitaka, which has a $10 payout threshold rather than $100.



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