Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signs of Life

Some more of my photographs of SIGNS OF LIFE...

Speeding a problem on Daytona Beach?  Just put a few cops in "plain clothes" to slow down the traffic. 

I believe there is such a thing as too many signs. Especially when they are  negative signs. This bucolic scene in a campground was marred by these excessive signs. 
In case you are wondering what all those signs say, the first one reads:
"REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY".  This was rather redundant.  The pond was in the very back of the campground.  You had to enter through a gate at the distant front driving over numerous speed bumps down narrow one way roads, creeping past the office, to even reach this pond. I hardly think any "unregistered" guests would make it this far undetected. 

"FISHING $1.50 PER POUND WEIGH UP ON THE PORCH".  From the size of the pond, one wonders just how big the fish can get. This campground was rather pricey, out of my usual budget. However, I was dead tired, and it was basically the only place around.  The porch at the office was a long hike away. 

Times must be really tough if the owners have to charge extra for fish caught in such a small pond. 

"CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT".  How many children go camping in an RV park without an adult?  I suppose it's a safety sign for our litigious society. Ditto for "NO SWIMMING".  

Actually, I was close enough to Florida, that if you really don't want someone to swim in your pond simply put up a sign "DON'T FEED THE ALLIGATORS".  That typically repels children, swimmers and fishermen. 

These signs below, frankly puzzled me, but they were found on a 4 lane highway in Ohio. 

I suppose this old country home has seen its share of changes in the name of progress. I wanted a cool picture of it, but it is marred by numerous electric lines and signs. Apparently, sign installers don't seem to care if their sign posts are straight or not. 

This is a closeup of the above signs. I love the bewildering compass choices and the redundant highway numbers. 

What's so special about a crooked handicapped parking sign?  When you look at the big curb below, you wonder how anyone could manage to knock this sign post askew. 

However, that handicapped sign was located in the "truck only" parking lot (below). 

When was the last time you saw an 18 wheeler with handicapped tags?  

How can someone be healthy enough to manage a 40 ton truck but handicapped enough to require special parking?  

I was thinking that maybe the sign was for a handicapped mega RV, but the sign to the far right reads "TRUCK PARKING ONLY".  By the way, it is strongly recommended that RV'ers and campers never ever use designated truck parking lots unless it is a horrific emergency.

There is some sound reasoning behind this ban. First of all, an RV is not a truck. Big trucks are for commercial use, RV's are for personal use.  Sounds like snobbery, as if your RV isn't big enough or impressive enough to park in the trucker's parking lots. But actually, the truckers are bound by numerous laws including required rest times per 24 hours. RV and camper drivers are not bound by this law at all. 

Truckers know where the big rig parking lots are, they often time themselves down to the last minute before they stop for their required rest period. They can get pretty testy if they show up to park and rest, per the law restrictions placed upon them and the truck-only parking lanes are full of RV's and campers. So if you travel by RV, be a Good Samaritan, do not park in the truck-only parking lanes at all. 

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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