Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wiff My Wittle Paws

My pet parent is busy, so I am writing today's column wiff my wittle paws. Bear with me, my typing isn't paw-fect. 

Speaking of bears, my favorite teddy bear is blue.  Since it was raining today, I decided to be a good little doggy and play  with my toys while my pet parent was working. The green barbell is a squeaky toy and I do so like to play tunes on it. If I squeeze it repeatedly in different places, it puts out different notes. 

I am sure my pet parent enjoys hearing me play tunes for her with my barbell while she works. 

I was playing toss with my new brightly colored football, but then I got curious. What's that thing made of?  So I ripped open the ball, then pulled out all the innards. Hmm, I guess it's just made of fluffy stuffing. 

The funny thing is now, my football is rather deflated. I bet my pet parent will be thrilled to see what that football was made of.

Now she  is giving me strange looks. I have no idea why. She started a game of tug of war with the deflated football, but I won, as usual. 

Ut oh!  Here comes that little square box she likes. Snap!  Flash!  I have no idea what that little box is for. Some kind of toy that makes her happy I guess. 

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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