Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hunting Island Scenes Part Five

Spanish Moss is thriving in the low country of South Carolina. This is in the jungle on  Hunting Island. 

The sand is drying out after the storms. Now it is bleached white, soft and powdery. 
Harley and I have managed to relocate a good twelve pounds of the stuff back inside the motorhome. 

Harley is a big boy now. He casually wades in the ocean without having a meltdown .  This enables me to walk along wading in the water.  Oh it feels like heaven. 

I'm back in the campsite. The jungle didn't swallow me whole. 

I've been dealing with the insurance company about my motorhome repairs, now that's a whole different jungle all together!  So not going to bore you with the details until much later, after this has settled down. 

Meanwhile, angels keep looking out after me. I've been forced to extend my stay at Hunting Island.  Previously there were no open dates past Thursday the 20th.  However, somebody cancelled, opening up ONE availability.  

Another a speed walk trip to the office here on the island where I booked it direct. The kind clerk secured my spot through Sunday night, but I have to pick up and move to the new spot, I can't stay where I am. 

So I am going to relocate.  

More later. 

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