Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hunting Island Scenes Part Four

Just for good luck, I gave the motorhome a thorough inside cleaning today. That took a lot longer than I imagined it would.  I was trying to put everything away, then sweep, mop and clean. It seems the more I clean, the more dirt I see. 

I even tidied up the outside, swept up my gazebo area. The storm has blown two million, five hundred and seventy-two thousand pine needles onto my outdoor rug under the gazebo. 

Every day Harley and I take a walk to the garbage dump with a small bag of garbage. It's at the other end of the park from us. If we don't go everyday, then we might end up with too much to carry.   

The RV really needs a good bath.  I am not sure I want to get into giving it a bath today.  Maybe tomorrow.  

Harley was everywhere I was trying to clean. Have you ever tried to make up a bed with six pillows, sheets, a comforter, and an afghan while a certain little puppy is bouncing around the bed trying to help?   I put him outside on a tether with toys to play with. The tether was carefully measured out the other day, so that he can not reach the road, nor any other campsites. 

He was having fun flirting with the pedestrians and children going down the road. Many would stop to step in the yard and pet him, or watch him dance. Then suddenly while I was inside sweeping up the floors, with the front door wide open,  this golf cart type thing came flying off the road and through my campsite. Harley was running towards them, because he doesn't understand about big wheels yet. He thought they were coming to see him. 

I ran out barefoot, broom in hand, yelling "Stop!  Stop!  Stop!"  trying to stop both the puppy and the golf cart.  They did finally slam on brakes.  Harley was now 2 inches from their wheels.  

The driver said "Oh, I never even saw him!"  

Had they continued at their frantic pace, I would be sweeping up one very flat dog. 

It is still unclear to me, as to why they departed the road to come driving through my camp site.  The road is paved, the camp spot is not. It certainly gave me quite a fright.  Harley was totally clueless, but he did proceed to enthusiastically greet them and their dog. 

Paths to the beach are carefully marked, to protect the sand dunes where the sea turtles lay their eggs. Also the sand dunes are critical for protection against storm surges. By having designated paths, this prevents the millions of annual state park visitors from tramping down the sand dunes to nothing.   Beware that it is very hard to take a tour of the campground without being a paid guest. This is to protect the privacy of those who have paid to camp. If you want to tour the campground without camping, your best bet is to ask to park and shop at the camp store for souvenirs. Then you might be able to tour the campground by foot. They don't want droves of cars or campers just riding around the campground, if you aren't a paying guest. 

Oh what fun it is to play in the sand. 

The beach at Hunting Island, South Carolina
For more reading on this unique island, click here. 

The turtles exit the sea, climb the sand dunes, dig a hole, then lay their eggs. The mother lovingly covers up the nest to protect it from predators. The babies are hatched all alone, with an instinct to take their first baby steps towards the sea. It's between the sand dune and the ocean, where they risk being picked up by a hungry predator for a tasty snack. If they are lucky enough to enter the sea, then their chance of survival increases dramatically. 

Harley lays on his treasured  puppy blanket.  To the right is the back of my driver's seat, to the left is the back of the dining settee.   This quickly became his favorite perch in the motorhome, because he has a 360 degree view from here of the outside world. His super soft fluffy blanket was found in the car cleaning section of a discount store for one dollar. He fell in love with the blanket, so it rests in his favorite lounging spot. When it's time for me to run it through the washing machine, he gets very worried and upset until his blanket is dried and back in his place. I guess this is saving the upholstery from puppy wear.

Home sweet home!
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  1. Harley is so cute. I love the layout of your coach, especially the rotating seats.

  2. I like the beach art:) I have always thought that there is an inordinate amount of stupid people driving golf carts and now we can add inconsiderate to the list.


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