Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hunting Island Scenes Part One

All Pictures click to enlarge. Due to the stormy conditions, there isn't much sunshine in these pics, as they were taken between storms. Also, my internet has become real flaky.  It operates on either slow or slower or simply dies. I think it's the stormy conditions affecting the cellular towers. 

Lots of seashells wash up on the beach. Some of the sand is black and tan.    The South Carolina state seashell is the lettered olive, though I have not found one yet.

About 100 yard before the beach, is this large stand of Palm and  Palmetto Trees.  The  South Carolina state tree is the Palmetto Tree.   The prevailing winds have made many of the trees grow at an angle. 

Looking south after the storm, towards Hunting Island's lighthouse. 

A trip to Hunting Island takes one past the turn-off to Parris Island (spelled with two R's) where these planes are on display.  Parris Island is famous for their  Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  A special training battalion for female recruits was established in 1949 and remains the sole training assignment for women in today's Marine Corps. Around 18,000 male and female recruits are trained each year at Parris Island.

Looking north after the storm. The tide is going out. 

Looking from the beach back towards the campground at Hunting Island State Park. Plenty of driftwood sails up from the sea. 

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