Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting Island Scenes Part Six

It's been cold at night here on Hunting Island in South Carolina. But the days warm up nicely enough to go to the beach for puppy play.  South Carolina State Parks and beaches are dog friendly with simple rules. How I wish other RV campgrounds would sit up and take notice. I also wish so many states did not have the "no dogs" beach rule. I see no problem requesting owners to scoop the poop, indeed many already do this 100% of the time. Sure there's a few in every crowd that break the rules, but that's universally true of human nature. You just can't get everyone to play by the rules all the time, but thankfully, the vast majority do. 

The top of the picture below, is all white, the sky just washed away from the storm. 

Beach at Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

Pink Mushrooms in the jungle

Early morning on a cloudy day, the sand was starting to dry out nicely but you can see a storm on the way.

Low tide offers endless beach, I was in awe to be amid such wondrous beauty.

I walked for miles or meters, can't remember which. 

Sunrise plays peek-a-boo. 

The sun and clouds fighting for center stage. Notice there are no footprints on the sand, this early in the morning. 

Here Comes The Sun, And I say it's alright (excerpt from the Beatles Song)

Deer tracks on the beach

Santa Claus lose his boot?   An odd thing to wash up on the beach one day. 

Harley dog loves to play in the sand digging moats, building sandcastles.  Here he puts a finishing touch on his latest masterpiece. 

On a cloudy morning, you can see the driftwood, the damp sand and somewhere in back is the campground. The roof on the left is the bath house. 

I am still waffling about my roof repairs and insurance. I am oh so lucky. These folks had their nearly new RV roof blow off while driving down the road!  See Our Roof Blew Off, Somewhere Nevada.   

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