Friday, October 14, 2011

Hunting Island Scenes Part Three

I haven't figured out what I am going to do about the roof. In the interim, I managed to get the very nice park staff to bring out a 12 foot step ladder.  The man that came to set up the ladder, was extremely helpful.

We took turns climbing up to admire the hole in the roof. I took lots of pictures.  Then we moved the big offending tree branch off the roof without doing further damage. We discovered it had come from far overhead, as I am parked under an ancient tree, with a dead limb.

A call to my insurance company had me quoting my life history, so they could verify it was really me calling about a claim. It ended with "somoene will get back to you in two days..."

Well, I can't wait two days, another storm was on the way, so I slapped my own version of a patch over the gaping hole on the roof. It's water tight for now.

While it was pouring down rain again, the insurance adjuster called. He said usually where roofs and water are concerned, they try to call back sooner than the two day wait.

And so the games begin...

Stay tuned, and I'll let you know what happens next. As of now, nothing has been decided or done, just lots of talk and paperwork.

Well, at least I've provided some lively conversation around the campground, as word spread and folks came to see the damage, but were let down by the lack of drama. Isn't it funny how everyone loves a good mashup?

Ironically, a car in the office parking zone, had their windshield smashed by a falling tree branch overnight too.

One of the cabins fell into the ocean, but I haven't been to see it, as it's at the other end of the island.

That was one very busy storm!

Life gets even stranger...

Then last night someone called to say they found my lost cat.  The cat I lost two years ago and still pine for greatly. Sadly, it wasn't my cat.

Next a collect call came in from "an inmate" at the South Carolina detention center. I was directed to call another number and deposit money to be able to accept this call. It all seemed rather fishy to me, finally the computer said if I punched a certain number, I could have a 60 second free call with "the  inmate."

I was wondering if one my few close friends in South Carolina had met up with stranger fate than mine. I couldn't think of anyone I knew that would have reason to end up "an inmate".  But still, I was once imprisoned for two days because I was accused of driving on a fake drivers license. Two days later, it was determined my license was indeed quite valid and official. That was the worst two days of my life.

It turns out the inmate had the wrong number.  He was very sorry, but wanted to know how long I had this particualar number. He seemed crestfallen to find out it wasn't a new number. I wished him luck on securing help with his bond and bail problem.

Both these phone calls were very strange.

The first one dashing my hopes, the second one letting down the other caller as well. Very odd all around.

Surf's up at Hunting Island, though no surfers were out. 

This young man caught a flying fish. He wasn't even fishing for fish.   I told him all about the wonderful delicacy of flying fish sandwiches in Barbados. 

Harley and I got lost in the jungle. Nothing new there!  We get lost with maps, roads and signage, so turn us loose in the jungle and no telling where we might end up. Luckily we  found the campground before sunset.  
While walking on the beach, Harley made friends with all the dogs and most of the people. He is just such a happy ecstatic puppy.  Meanwhile I found three beautiful sand dollars.   All three were found at the water's edge. You just never know what the sea will throw up next.  

After a hearty romp on the beach playing chase and tag with the other dogs, Harley was confused that the water was so salty. When we got back to the camp, I brought him out a bowl of water. He loves it that I put the old carpet runners on the picnic bench.  I put them there for human use, but he loves to perch on the bench, when he is tired of playing with his toys. No matter where I put the water bowl, he seems to drag his tether around it, spilling it. So now I just put it on the picnic table. We are both happier with this arrangement. 

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  1. You are having a strange few days. I just hope the worst part will not be your insurance companies response to the damage.

    At least the RV did not fall into the ocean:)


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