Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Stabbing

The internet is real flakey here. It comes and it goes, could be the inclement weather. 

Since yesterday I have been trying to post the following pictures. Very frustrating all around. But that's OK, puppy dog and I have plenty of excuses to increase our walks (so I get less work done but more exercise).

I've been feeling so very weak lately, so I am hoping all these walks with puppy will give me strength and stamina.  

I just wish the sun would make a cameo appearance for better beach and island pictures.  

Another storm hit last night.  I slept a good 5-6 hours without waking up. 

Around 4 or 5am, I decided to make coffee in the dark. I've been keeping unconventional hours lately. 


Something spit on my forehead. I was annoyed. You know last month I had the spider problem, (one even bit me!)  I thought that was history, the spiders all gone now. I figured out how the litle devils  were sneaking inside, then took steps to prevent this in the future. I've been happily living without spiders for awhile. 

At this moment, with spittle on my head, I thought a spider had sneaked inside, then spit on me from his lofty perch above. I turned on the lights, to better see the hideous creature that was tormenting me. Instead, I look up to see water dripping through a rip in my ceiling. 

That sure woke me up instantly.  No need for coffee now. 

It was storming fiercely outside, plus still very dark in spite of the full moon, so basically I had to bide my time, to find out exactly why there is rain water pouring from the ceiling inside my kitchen, iinside my little old motorhome. The place I so lovingly call home. 

Did a big determined spider simply rip a hole in the roof to gain entry?  No fair!  I haven't even figured out the furnace problem yet. The knob fell off the antenna crank, the bath cabinet is awaiting hardware so it will quit throwing up in the garbage can when I am driving. Plus the antique roll out awning and frame died recently.  Sheesh.  The work is piling up around me faster than I can sneeze at it. 

Now a hole?  In my ceiling?

I went back to bed, praying it was all just a strange dream. 

Plip plop, drip drop. From my bed I could hear the leak in the kitchen ceiling splashing around to mock me. 

Hours later, the un-rise (that's when light appears without a sun)  revealed I had been stabbed by a dead tree branch that fell from high above. 

My kitchen ceiling at 4am.  That is rain water dripping down inside on me. 

At sunrise, I found this rain filled hole on my motorhome roof. 

With the rain water mopped up, this is the hole in my roof.  It is about 4 by 5 inches. 

The culprit.  This branch broke off from the tree above, stabbing a hole in my roof, then falling down to dangle from the side of the motorhome. 

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  1. Oh no! That's horrible news. What are you going to do? I'm sorry to hear about that. I just started reading your blog and love your adventures so much! Stay strong and get well! Suz

  2. Yikes! Sounds like you need some emergency chocolate to tackle this one!! I hope you are least feeling better.

  3. Ouch, that is not good. I guess the only good thing would be that the repair should be covered by insurance.

  4. OH NO!! That is an RV'ers worst nightmare, I think. Can it be repaired?


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