Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ironed and Starched Too

mini motorhome tioga montara by fleetwood photo copyright by and Dear Miss Mermaid
Harley's new rug. 

Harley dog is thrilled that we went for a short ride bright and early Saturday morning. Last weekend we went to Dollar General with our $5 coupon.  (Spend $25 and get $5 off, owe only $20). They gave us another $5 coupon to come back again this Saturday. Wow. We can't resist such a good deal on our efficient budget.

Ironically, Dollar General is the only store close to us.  They must love to see us shop.

The cool thing is they count  discounted and reduced items towards the $25 purchase. So if you don't mind shopping out of season, you can get some good bargains.

lake hartwell claims photo copyright by and Dear Miss Mermaid
Lake clams.
I was looking for pearls but
only found Georgia red mud.
This week, I told him he could have the $5 coupon to pick out what he wanted. Harley usually wants a toy or a treat bag. With $5 he would have enough for 2-3 toys and some treats too.  But instead he picked out a rug.

Problem is, he can't read prices.

He doesn't like to play on the vinyl flooring in our little old wheel estate. He likes carpet and cant understand why I ripped out the old wall to wall 17 year old carpet.

The Olefin shag rug he picked out was $12, reduced to $7.50 and with the $5 coupon, it was $2.50.  I coughed up the extra money for him, since they had the rug in a perfect color to coordinate with the rest of our tiny wheel estate.

He has been a bundle of energy since then, playing on the rug, racing down it, placing his toys on it, rolling on it, dancing on it, crawling on it, snacking on it, napping on it, wiggling on it.

It was worth the $2.50 just for the sheer entertainment he provided. The rest of the $17.50 we spent went for food. Much of that came off their "further reduced, last chance" shelf including a dented can of coffee.  If you peek in my pantry, most of my stuff is dented, reduced, marked down or nearly at expiration.

Bomba's shroom tea photo copyright by and Dear Miss Mermaid
Mushrooms fascinate me. 
Ah the life of an efficient budget. Efficient is my way of saying teeny tiny itsy bitsy.

We managed to get back home, in time to play outdoors for an hour, before the 100F degree heat just sent us running for the cold air conditioning.

This heat wave is taking its toll on us. We are out at 6am walking, then washing the exterior of the RV and other outdoor chores until the heat about kills us.
Bombas full moon party photo copyright by and Dear Miss Mermaid
Another gorgeous shroom. 

Before we went shopping, I did a load of laundry, hanging it out to dry. Later when I braved the heat wave to fetch the laundry off the clothesline, it was not only dry, but ironed and starched too. Not a wrinkle to be found anywhere.

Even though I ran the air conditiong full blast all morning. It was down to almost 70F indoors and 103F outdoors by 11am. At  1pm it's 85F indoors and 109F outdoors. This is insane weather.

I would much rather be outdoors all day long, but this just isn't possible this week.  I have to do my early mornings then early evenings, to enjoy the big beautiful world out there.

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